Weekly Spending: Basketball + Booze

Weekly Spending: Basketball + Booze


Last week was the beginning of the NCAA Tournament & March Madness. I love college basketball. I don’t know all the players or rules but I love filling out a bracket and watching the upsets. This is the most TV I watch all year.

One aspect I enjoy about watching sports is how social it can be. Watching three games simultaneously at a bar where everyone is cheering for their team is fun. Chatting about the players, coaches, and teams with the stranger beside you is great. Even though booze can be expensive, watching the march madness games at a bar is my personal treat to myself. It’s no surprise that this was one of the higher expenses of the week.

In non-basketball related news, I sold my Garmin Forerunner 305 after owning it for two months. Gadgets + running just aren’t for me. I bought it for $140 and sold it for $125, so not much of a loss.

Quick side note: I am testing out doing weekly spending posts. I like holding myself accountable on a smaller-level than monthly budgets but am not sure how long this will hold my interests. Any feedback is appreciated!

Weekly Expenses Breakdown


I’m hoping to keep up the bringing-lunch-to-work routine because it really saves a lot of money. Especially since I am now working in the Financial District and lunch options are noticeably more expensive in this neighborhood.

In this breakdown I am only including variable spending and not fixed spending like bills.

What is your typical weekly spending like?


4 Replies to “Weekly Spending: Basketball + Booze”

  1. Sounds like a fun week.

    I do weekly spending reports. It keeps me accountable, lets me see how much I’ve spent in any particular budget category and/or overall very quickly, and it makes my monthly budget easier since I just plug in the numbers from those spending reports.

    1. Oh, I put everything into my monthly budget anyway out of habit so I can track if I’m under/over throughout the month. I wanted to start weekly tracking to avoid that “how did I spend that much on food” question at the end of the month.

  2. The only thing that I would recommend would be that you would make another column labeled “want/need”. And maybe a category column as well. Those will help you pinpoint what you spend your money on, and also, what you value.

  3. Great suggestions! I include this spending into my monthly budget of course, which I do categorize. I’ll consider the values portion but I’d say most of my variable spending (excluding groceries) are all wants. I don’t neeeeed to eat lunch out or visit friends but I want to.

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