Vegetable Delivery Update

Vegetable Delivery Update


I have decided to cancel my Vegetable Delivery service. It’s been three months and in that time I have learned to make 5 different vegetables and numerous new recipes in general. That was exactly what I wanted.

I knew there would be an issue with delivery (being home when it is delivered) and the quantity of food. Both of these things are a problem enough that I don’t see this being sustainable.

Even with receiving the delivery bi-weekly, it is still a lot of food to eat before it goes bad. I have thrown away a few pieces of fruit and decided that that is just a waste for everyone.

Now that I am more comfortable with some vegetables, I will feel better about buying them at the store and other ones that I have been curious about. I have had success with the new recipes and have learned that I love adding Kale to pasta & rice dishes.

The biggest problem with this service was the cost. At $28/box including the delivery charge, I was spending $60 only on vegetables. Before that I was spending $100 on all my groceries alone, so the mark-up is considerable.

I loved the service itself and for a situation where you can split the box with others, it would be wonderful. For one person, even the little box was a bit much.

How do you feel about food delivery services?


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  1. I used to have an organic veg box delivery but cancelled it. I didn’t like planning the menu around the items received (and sometimes things would go to waste – which can be very costly!) I’d much rather plan our meals around out schedule, and then buy the exact amount of vegetables needed.

  2. I had a vege box delivered weekly and I loved it! I prefer to eat in season, local produce and it seems a lot easier to me to visualize what is in season if I have a box in front of me instead of looking at charts on line and then trying to figure out what I want to eat each week. I planned my meals around the produce I received and pretty much ate all of the deliveries without it going bad. (It helped that it was split between two people, all my meals are cooked at home, and I eat a lot of vegetables.) It inspired me to start my own garden and I ended up canceling the box because I was able to grow everything I wanted. Now that I live in a city, apartment gardening is much more limited – a few lettuce, chard, and kale plants. I wish I could start up a box again, but it is currently cost prohibitive. I have a lot of friends who got boxes and canceled for the reasons you mentioned above. I completely understand they are not for everyone, but for my family, it worked out well.

  3. I think we might try a delivery service at some point, actually, for the variety and to shake up our food routine. We live in a house so delivery shouldn’t be a problem. But I doubt it will be a regular thing. Most of the ones I’ve found have free delivery and the ability to stop/start the service (I think).

    The main thing is you now have a wider repertoire and that’s a good thing!

  4. We’re signing up for the CSA that starts in June. It’s something like $600 for 6 months worth of veggies and fruits. That’s probably the amount we would normally spend on that part of our grocery budget, so I think it’s not too bad. The problem is it isn’t a delivery service. So we have to make a bi-weekly trip to a high school on a Wednesday afternoon to pick up our share.

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