February 2013 Monthly Spending in NYC

February 2013 Monthly Spending in NYC


February 2013 Budget in NYC

This is the current personal budget I use for single-income living in a 1br apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

Over Budget

For Variable spending, I was $128 over budget this month.

  • Vacation: I had little idea how to plan vacation spending. In the end, my sister paid for the rental car + hotel while I covered all meals, plus my own personal expenses.
  • Cats: Usually I can buy cat food one month and litter the next but this month both were due at the same time.
  • Booze: Spent time with friends in the beginning of the month & enjoyed west coast breweries on my vacation.

Under Budget

For Variable spending, I was $152 under budget this month.

  • Entertainment: Most of this was for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon’s $75 registration.
  • Gifts: I never used to budget for gifts and had put them under “entertainment” instead. This was a bad idea. This year I’m trying to plan for gifts at the beginning of the month to better estimate how much I spend on others.
  • Clothes
  • Health/Beauty
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • Eating Out
  • House

Savings & Debt Repayment Plans

Slowly but surely, I am on track for my savings & debt repayment goals this year.

  • Savings: $280 deposit – $2,138 balance
  • Discover: $370 payment – $3,195 balance


In addition to my normal paycheck, I had some extra income this month:

  • Discover Gift Cards: $40 (bought with reward points)
  • Tax Refund: $946
  • Cat Sitting: $90

I did not redistribute the tax refund money in February since I wanted to wait to see how my vacation expenses panned out. I’ve found in the past it is very easy to under-budget vacation expenses. I already have a plan set-up in March to split the refund between my savings & credit card.


4 Replies to “February 2013 Monthly Spending in NYC”

  1. Oh cool, you write about personal finance and you run races, I instantly love you! ;) Thanks for taking the time to let me know your experiences with baking as a side gig – looking forward to reading about your PF life and all things Brooklyn!

  2. I didn’t do a very good job of tracking my gift spending last year – I’m sure I spend more than I thought – so this year I’m tracking it month by month to get the real figure. I can get carried away buying for other people!

  3. Is the savings an emergency fund or a targeted savings? Could you put all the savings money towards the credit card to lower the amount of interest paid (from about $60 I guess down to $20) and use the credit if you need to? Looks like you have quite some breathing room in the budget anyway to cover small emergencies.

    1. This is an emergency fund (my only savings). I want to keep at least $1,500 in it at all times to be able to cover rent (since I can’t pay that with a credit card). I am divying up my tax refund to put most of it toward Discover and the rest in savings. Thank you for the suggestion! I always go back and forth of how much I should sacrifice an emergency fund for the sake of debt repayment. I will consider putting the full tax refund to Discover and include what extra savings I can afford to transfer.

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