How Expensive are Groceries in Brooklyn?

How Expensive are Groceries in Brooklyn?


Why are groceries so expensive in NYC?

Why is anything so expensive here? Two large factors are housing and tolls.

The high housing demand forces high rents in turn causing high food & product prices. A Chipotle in Manhattan charges more than a Chipotle in Lansing, MI because their rent in nyc is higher.

We live on an island. There is no way to avoid taking a bridge or tunnel to get here and most of those have tolls. Higher tolls on trucks delivering food to the city leads to higher food prices.

So what is the cost of groceries in nyc?

Well, that largely depends on where in the city you are doing your shopping. I wrote about the crazy prices of groceries in Manhattan last year. Now I live in south Brooklyn where the cost of many items, including groceries, is cheaper.

Weekly List of Groceries

  • Corn Flakes
  • $2.99
  • Half Gallon 2% Milk
  • $2.49
  • Chicken Breast @ 2.99/lb (on sale)
  • $4.28
  • Dannon 4-Pack Yogurt
  • $2.59
  • Cheddar Cheese @ $6.99/lb
  • $3.98
  • Can Stewed Tomatoes
  • $0.89

(Since I signed up for the vegetable delivery service, I do not purchase produce in my weekly shopping trips.)

Let me add, these groceries were bought at Foodtown, a small-supermarket but one that does have a weekly circular and sales. It is not the closest market to my apartment but has more reasonable prices.

Borough Price Differences

Looking back at last year’s Manhattan grocery prices, I paid $1.99 for a can of stewed tomatoes at Westside Market on the UWS. Today I paid $0.89 for them at Foodtown in Kensington, Brooklyn. That’s a considerable difference!

These are important factors to take into consideration when moving to a neighborhood as well. Not only are rents higher on the UWS but groceries and other products have high prices as well. This might affect your budget in ways you did not plan for.

Also remember, storage space around here is low. Not only in your apartment but also most refrigerators are not full-size. For example, this week the family pack of chicken breasts was on sale for $1.99/lb but I knew I did not have much room in my freezer, it would take me a while to go through, or end up getting thrown out. Instead I bought the more expensive smaller pack of chicken I knew I could store and eat in a timely manner.


5 Replies to “How Expensive are Groceries in Brooklyn?”

  1. Really? That’s it? I still have no sympathy for you :P Chicken breast is $11/kg on sale here, yoghurt 6-pack $3.49 on sale, and everything else on the list is a little higher as well.

    New Zealand = beautiful and bankrupt.

    1. I actually agree with you that the Brooklyn prices aren’t too bad. It was noticeably more expensive grocery shopping in Manhattan.

  2. I actually do a lot of my grocery shopping in NJ. It’s one of the advantages of driving. I’m going to NJ to visit family anyway, I might as well stock up on some things (no nickle deposit for bottles!) Things are cheaper in the suburbs. Bay Ridge isn’t terribly, depending on what supermarket you go to. I sometimes go to three in a week for different things, depending on who has sales for what I use a lot of. Not huge trips any of those times just, hey, soy milk is really cheap at Key Food this week, I’ll go buy a couple while I’m out.

    I’m happy that Fairway in Red Hook has finally re-opened but haven’t made it there yet. It’s usually a little more reasonable.

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