Netflix Picks: Adventureland, Me You and Everyone We Know, Punch Drunk Love


Every Friday I will list personal recommendations of movies that are available on Netflix Instant Watch so you can enjoy a frugal weekend instead of buying that ridiculously expensive movie ticket.

Weekend Picks: Movies I Didn’t Like

Genre: Summer comedy
Mood: Jesse Eisenberg
107 mins; 2009
Leslie Rating: 2/5
Summary: Some kids work at an amusement park and nothing happens

Me You and Everyone We Know
Genre: Indie
Mood: Quirky
97 mins; 2005
Leslie Rating: 2/5
Summary: Some kids chat online and nothing happens

Punch-Drunk Love
Genre: Romantic Quirky
Mood: Comedian gone indie
95 mins; 2002
Leslie Rating: 2/5
Summary: Adam Sandler and nothing happens


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