Use an Old Yoga Mat as a Cat Mat


I adopted two cats back in May. They look cute in these pictures, but they’re really assholes.

A Mat is a Mat

I am using the term yoga mat here because that is what I am guessing a lot of people have at home but any mat of that material will work. Most camping mat/pads are made of that material and might possibly be cheaper.

After trying to find a cheap kitty litter mat and cheap cat scratchers, I realized that I could use an old yoga mat for both! An old yoga mat has several advantages over standard mats and scratchers.

Scratch It Up

You probably already have a yoga/pilates mat at home and you have probably already yelled at your cats for scratching it. Let them! Sacrifice the mat and let your cats scratch it up! They should like the material for scratching. This might leave a little mess of fabric pieces around but certainly is a much better alternative than the cardboard scratch boxes that turn into a complete mess.

Litter Collector

The yoga mat material is designed to have a little grip, that is the entire reason we use it for yoga/pilates. This is particularly useful to your cat in helping to keep litter at bay. Put your mat down in front of the litter box or even put the whole litter box on top of the mat to track the litter as your cat steps out of the litter box and walks along the mat.

Into Pieces

From a minimalist and frugal stand-point, one yoga mat solves both these problems because the material can be easily cut into pieces. Using normal scissors, you can cut pieces from the mat so it is custom-fit to your home. Place pieces on either side of the couch, another piece in front of the litter box, and you’ll still have material left over. It is also light and easy to nail on a wall if you want to use a rectangle piece vertically like a scratching post.

Readers, cats aren’t difficult to please. What are your diy pet tips?

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