Budgeting & Economics 101 with Scrooge McDuck

Budgeting & Economics 101 with Scrooge McDuck


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♫ Balancing the Buuuudget ♫

This Disney short on capitalism covers a lot for a cartoon in song-form.
Here’s a breakdown:

Personal Budget (start-1:45)

Let’s say your income is like a pie, there’s a piece for everything you buy. Always remember to save a slice for yourself. After all, it’s your pie. And that’s how I became rich.

Taxes (1:45-3:00)

Without our taxes we would have no government at all.

Investing (3:00-end)

Money shouldn’t be idle, it must be put to work you know. Money should never stagnate, but circulate.

Learning About Finances

I have heard repeatedly that many people were not taught basic economics/finances in school. I am very grateful that personal finances were a part of my small public school’s Home Ec curriculum.

In 8th grade (1996) Home Ec we had a complete two-week lesson on managing home finances. Our teacher made her own currency which us students earned by doing homework, answering questions, and extra credit. We created a personal budget and paid bills with our “money”. We were taught how to write a check by paying for our “bills” with checks written to the teacher. Balancing a checkbook and putting money into savings were included as well.

Hearing that this isn’t taught regularly is surprising and disappointing.

Money can be complicated but its root is simple: Make more than you spend. Even though this cartoon crams a lot into one song, it’s great to see popular cartoon characters teaching kids about spending.

Is anyone familiar if there have been more recent popular cartoons about personal finance?

Do You Have A Budget?

Now that you can sing a song about U.S. economics, if you don’t already have a personal budget, put your new-found knowledge to the test and create one using a template from below:


Were you taught economics/personal finance lessons in school? Do you see popular cartoons as an effective way to teach kids about finances?


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