VA Beach Half Marathon Recap

VA Beach Half Marathon Recap


Mile 12 virginia beach rock & roll half marathon

The Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon over labor day weekend was my fourth half-marathon of the year. I was prepared for the race training-wise but not for the weather. Virginia is hot! I knew that it would be humid but… it was so humid! This was my slowest half marathon but also most fun.

First, the expo was very organized, the morning drop-off, not so much, and there weren’t enough bathrooms as always. The course was a nice loop, ending along the boardwalk (the longest half mile of my life).

Around the mid-way point, we ran down a rural road with trees covering over top and woods on both sides. It was really pretty but also meant no breeze and no spectators. The stagnant humidity and lack of motivation really got to me around then.

Coming out of that, I saw a man running barefoot and ran with him for the next 3 miles. A well-needed distraction.

Since I suffered through the Tough Mudder last year, I’ve worn the sweatband at every half-marathon since. I usually see some other ‘Mudders’ running as I did during this race. One man, in fact, was walking at mile 2! I told him that this was a piece of cake compared to Tough Mudder but he didn’t quite agree.

There were at least three others that I saw as well. That sense of unity is nice.

Registration: $100
Train Tickets: $147
Lodging: Free (family)

The high registration price is due to the “rock n roll” part, since your race bib is also a “ticket” to all of the concerts happening that weekend. This did not interest me but definitely would be worth it to some.

Fortunately, the train ride from Penn station to Newport News wasn’t horrible and I stayed with a family member instead of having to deal with a hotel.

Overall, I loved this race and may consider risking heat stroke to run this next year.


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