NYCC 2012 Comic Round-Up

NYCC 2012 Comic Round-Up


After going to my first New York Comic Con last year, I learned the strategy to have fun, keep from being exhausted, survive the crowds, and come home with lots of good loot!

Here’s what I got this year:

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Most of these were signed and purchased directly from the artist! That is definitely one of the advantages to going to conventions/festivals like this.

Let’s go to the budget…

My total spent at nycc this year was: $122

This goes to my “entertainment” category which was budgeted at $150, so I’m still good for the month. I’ll likely be too busy reading comics to spend much else on entertainment.

Books are a big weakness for me when it comes to spending money. The number of independent bookstores alone in NYC is a huge temptation. I am trying, however, to save up for the larger book festivals so I really can take advantage of supporting independent/local authors and purchase books that I might not be able to in other places.


What splurges do you plan for?


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  1. The latest “splurge” we planned on was the honeymoon. (And by “we”, I mean Sarah, of course.) Apparently we came in under budget, even after buying a few hundred bucks worth of authentic Bavarian costumes. (Worth it.)

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