27 And Frugal is now LeslieBeslie.com

27 And Frugal is now LeslieBeslie.com


I started 27 And Frugal in October 2009. In that time, I moved three times, changed jobs twice, and now find myself living in Brooklyn, NY.

Urban living has a major impact on finances. Not only due to cost of living, but due to a complete change in priorities. For those not living in a major city, this can be very difficult to relate to. I would like to move the focus of the blog to personal finances in nyc including city-specific expenses like high-rents and not having a car.

What is Changing

LeslieBeslie.com will be focused on urban-living finances and my personal living experiences (running, reading, etc). Living frugally is not a priority in my life right now.

What is Staying the Same

Personal finances in terms of budgets will still be discussed. I will continue to blog about minimalism, craft projects, saving money, and homemade recipes.

Old Readers

Don’t worry! About 75% of the content will remain the same but with a more personal voice. Some content will not be money-related but I encourage you to keep reading because you might just be exposed to something new.

New Readers

If you’re a distant runner or a fan of indie music from the 90’s, maybe you’ll be inspired to create a budget and start a savings plan!

Please Email me if you have any questions/complaints/ideas about LeslieBeslie.com. To the new readers, welcome! To the old readers, thank you for the years of support!



9 Replies to “27 And Frugal is now LeslieBeslie.com”

  1. This is great! I’ve been reading for a while and love your posts. I’m hoping to move to NYC soon (and I am…27 and frugal) so I’m looking forward to reading your experiences.

    1. Thanks, it’s great to hear from readers that I don’t talk to on Twitter regularly! My goal is for the blog to be a pretty handy nyc resource, so let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see written about.

    1. Thanks so much Cait – it’s been a long process and it’s great to see the positive reaction to it!

    1. Thanks! It will still be largely focused on general personal finances, just a little bit less on frugality. Mainly, I wanted to have a bit more fun with it. Don’t worry, I will still nerd out on budgets!

  2. Glad that you are back to writting more. I enjoy your site. I hope you will still do the netflix reviews, I really enjoyed those.

    1. Thank you! It is difficult to gauge people’s interest in these things but because of your request, I am bringing back the Friday Flicks posts! Thanks again!

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