Digital Decluttering Helps Reduce Spending Triggers

Digital Decluttering Helps Reduce Spending Triggers


Spending triggers like clearance sales, groupons, promotional discounts and coupons can often cause you to spend more money than you would otherwise.

Nowadays, news of sales & promotions comes to us digitally. Between mailing lists in our email, RT’s on twitter, and flashing banners on websites, we are continuously inundated by messages telling us to “spend spend spend” under the guise of cheaper prices. Remember, cheaper prices does not necessarily equate to saving money.

How many groupons have you purchased “just to try” something? How many have went unused then expired? How many extra items have you bought to save another buck?

By decluttering your digital influx you can cut out quite a bit of unnecessary spending.


Unsubscribe from mailing lists for stores, restaurants, deal sites and any other alerts you receive via email that serve no purpose other than for telling you about discounts. Don’t worry, I’m sure Kohl’s is going to have another 30% off sale sometime soon, and I’m sure you’ll hear about it from friends when Baskin Robbins offers a free scoop.


Unfollow users who only tweet about deals/discounts. Unfollow the direct store/restaurant/groupon accounts themselves. You will still hear about the occasional good deal, that is fine and unavoidable. But by removing the constant barrage of “50% off” and “Buy one get one free” messages in your feed, you will feel less enticed to make those impulse purchases.


Unlike all the usual culprits or at least hide them from your news feed. You don’t need businesses interjecting themselves, demanding you spend money when all you want to do is hear about your friend’s wedding. These intrusive spending messages get you when your guard is down. Keep facebook for friends and family interactions.


Get out of the habit of checking deal websites. Use Stay Focusd to block them and also remove them from your bookmarks. The less of these websites you go to, the less you’ll be triggered to spend money on lousy deals.

Decluttering the constant stream of digital sale information thrown at you will help to save money by the simple act of not spending it.


How do you handle all the “save money to spend money” messages online?


5 Replies to “Digital Decluttering Helps Reduce Spending Triggers”

  1. I tend to filter emails into their own “deals” folder and only look at them if I really am looking for a coupon or a deal. It helps a lot!

  2. These are really smart tips. I’ve noticed that looking at food sites makes me hungry, so it makes sense that looking at shopping sites/info would make shopping more tempting. :)

  3. Great tips. I’ve unsubscribed from all the emails I used to get from retailers and it’s definitely cut down my urge to go and “get that deal” that’s advertised. For some reason I still get Old Navy emails, need to get rid of them, the 30% off sales always pull me in!

  4. I see where you are going with this. I am subscribed to a few of these. Some of which I never use and start to get annoying so I slowly filter them out and unsubscribe.
    It’s just hard because I have this mental notion of, what if they offer something amazing one day that I really want/could use. When in reality is pretty much the same crap day/week after day/week.
    I hold onto a few and follow up on a few.

    But it would be wise to get ride of some or filter them out unless you are in the market to buy something

  5. These are great ideas to save time. I know I receive so many unwanted emails – truly I need to unsubscribe! With information everywhere, we need to control what we consume.

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