I’ve Spent How Much on Clothes?!!?

I’ve Spent How Much on Clothes?!!?


Clothes shopping is interesting. It’s not quite like shopping for new tech/gadgets. With tech purchases, replacement items are often improvements and offer a full replacement of the old item. When you buy a new tv, you get rid of the old one; when you buy a new phone, you don’t use both! But clothes don’t work this way. You are not buying a new skirt to replace an old one and the new one isn’t any “better” than the old one. You keep both because they look different although the function is the same.

Aside from accumulating a ton of clothes, this also means that buying them is easier. You don’t have to wait until the old one is burnt out, you can just buy another skirt in addition to all the others. Also, relatively, clothing is more low investment compared to a television. Less research needs to go into it, as well. Clothes are something that can be purchased on a whim, with little thought as to its necessity and how it affects your spending.

Closet Inventory Reality Check

While sorting through my closet, I decided on a whim to inventory everything. I knew that, by sight, i had a lot of clothes but wasn’t really sure how much that was. My guess for everything was a total of about 100 items.

You can imagine my shock when I counted 200 pieces of clothing/accessories! I couldn’t believe it!

Then things got worse. Because I like torturing myself, I decided to calculate how much I spent on all those things. I averaged everything out to $50/item – for 200 items that totals a whopping $10,000!

And $50 is probably on the low average side.

200 Pieces of Clothing in Detail

Here’s the breakdown of my closet:

Note: I am not including any undies, bras, or socks in this count. Man, I don’t even want to know what my sock count is, definitely over 50.

  • Shoes: 9
  • Scarves: 6 (3 winter, 3 fashion)
  • Jackets: 5 (1 winter, 4 light)
  • Hoodies: 4
  • Winter Hat: 1
  • Total: 25 Outdoor/Accessory items

  • T-Shirts: 32!!
  • Casual Tops: 28!
  • Skirts: 26!
  • Dresses: 24!
  • Dressy Tops: 20
  • Sweaters: 14
  • Running Clothes: 14 (mix of shirts and pants)
  • Jeans: 6
  • Button Down Shirts: 4
  • Cardigans: 4
  • Workpants: 3
  • Total: 175 Items! Egads!

How the heck do I have 32 t-shirts and 26 skirts?! I can wear a different t-shirt every single day for a month! Practically the same for dresses and a casual top/skirt outfit! That’s 3 months of wearing a completely different outfit every day. Alicia Silverstone would be proud.


How do you feel about the number of clothes in your closet? How much is too much?


10 Replies to “I’ve Spent How Much on Clothes?!!?”

  1. I’ve tried to make sure to get rid on one item when I get a newer version of it. I got a couple of new sweatshirts for Christmas, so I made an active effort to discard two that I probably wouldn’t wear anymore anyways.

  2. I am happy with the number of items I have in my closet. It is probably around your number, however I own very few skirts and a lot more workout clothes/shoes (3 pairs of running shoes, two hiking boots, and one hiking sandal!?). I don’t feel bad because I wear almost everything. My husband, however, thinks that I have too much stuff. He instituted a rule a couple years ago. If I buy something, I have to get rid of a similar item in my closet. I’m fine with that. It has cut down on the shopping as I am attached to the clothes I have and feel that it is wasteful to get rid of perfectly good clothes.

  3. I have a monthly budget for clothes ($80/month). I know I go over this from time to time but at least it gives me an idea of what I’m spending ($960+ per year). I don’t think I spend more than an additional $500 on clothes overall. If I do go over, I make myself take the money from savings or from my monthly spending so I have to feel the burn or cut back in another area.

    I am also trying to do the one-in/one-out thing but it’s harder than I thought despite still having a lot of stuff I am not in love with.

  4. I recently moved, which made me VERY aware of my clothing problem. Oh, and my shoe problem. Nine pairs of shoes? I probably have that many in the trunk of my car! Lol…I definitely have a shoe problem. I have at least 35 pairs of shoes.

  5. Wow, isn’t it crazy how those things add up?
    I’ve never been a huge clothes person. I have only a handful of skirts, 2 pairs of jeans I rotate through, and 2 pairs of shoes (plus sneakers) that I wear every day. And I wear those shoes into the ground (they’re sketchers and I love them!) Clothing, thankfully, has never been my vice!

  6. Hmmm, I don’t want to know the number, honestly. I already feel terrible when I don’t have anything to wear! I am aware though, of the fact that I’ve been at my new job for six weeks, and I’ve rarely repeated outfits…. I may have a problem.

  7. Hey, so glad you’re posting again. Your blog is such an inspiration!
    I live in Barcelona, where the weather is mild, but there are seasons, so you can have -5 in winter and 30 in summer. I am revising my spring wardrobe and trying to remove as much clothes as I can from it (the ones I never wear).
    This winter I shrinked my wardrobe to 4 winter shorts and skirts, 2 dresses, 4 long pants, 4 shirts, 4 sweaters, 3 cardis, 7 tshirts etc (i didn’t throw everything away, just archived them for other seasons to test living with a smaller wardrobe. And it’s great!. I always know what to wear, my washing pile is smaller etc.

  8. Yupiee, all the clothes shopping tit bits and pricing level available within a single post? Now this is something I was looking for so long. Spending savings on clothes is my favorite as well worst habit. I myself get confused of the fact that how many pair of jeans and formal T’s I have bought in last 5 months. Glad to know I am not the only shopholic person out here. You see, not the odd man out.

  9. I am sorting through my clothes now for my “garage” sale (I don’t have a garage or driveway so I’m inviting friends and their friends to shop my belongings – the rest will go to charity).

    I am scared to see that I minimized 25%-50% of clothes and accessories yet I still have a full walk-in-closet it looks like.

    We are hoping to move to NYC so I have to par down even further!

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