Independent Movie Theaters in NYC

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I have long been a supporter of using Netflix or your local library to watch movies instead of paying full admission for a movie ticket. However, I will cough up the $13 here in NYC to see an indie or previously released film at one of the independent theaters.

Many theaters will do series over the course of a few months highlighting a director, composer, genre or theme. IFC Center offers late-night favorites, screening movies like Alien, Jaws and more at midnight on weekends.

If you go to a particular theater often, you can become a paying member to receive an admission discount (and feel good about supporting small theaters!)

Here is my hand-crafted list of independent theaters in NYC. It is by no means complete and I have not been to all of these, yet.

Would you pay full admission to see an older movie or a movie you have already seen (and love) just to see it on the big screen?

Leave a comment below if I missed a theater!

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