Netflix Picks: Let Me In, Iron Man 2, Kick Ass

Netflix Picks: Let Me In, Iron Man 2, Kick Ass


Every Friday I will list personal recommendations of movies that are available on Netflix Instant Watch so you can enjoy a frugal weekend instead of buying that $10 movie ticket.

Weekend Picks: July 8-10 (Last Year’s Movies edition)

Let Me In
Genre: Horror, Vampire
Mood: Suspense, Dark
116 mins; 2010
Leslie Rating: 4/5
Summary: Surprisingly good remake of a coming-of-age tale about a young girl who struggles with being a vampire.

Iron Man 2
Genre: Comic Book, Adventure
Mood: Silly action
124 mins; 2010
Leslie Rating: 2/5
Summary: Similar plot to the first but just… bad.

Genre: Comic Book
Mood: Silly Action
117 mins; 2010
Leslie Rating: 2/5
Summary: A kid wants to be a super hero but gets more than he can handle blah blah blah.


5 Replies to “Netflix Picks: Let Me In, Iron Man 2, Kick Ass”

  1. Aw, I kinda liked Kick Ass, but maybe I’d only give it 3/5 stars…

    I was debating Let me in, but maybe now I’ll check it out!

    1. I still recommend watching the original, Let The Right One In, first since it is done extremely well. But if you prefer movies without subtitles, Let Me In, did an excellent job with remaking it for an American audience.

  2. Hey, just wanted to point out that Let the Right One In is about a boy who struggles with becoming a vampire, not a girl (even though IMDB also says Eli is a girl). This is made much more clear in the book, but the movie alludes to it with a scene where we’re briefly shown what appears to be a scar from a castration. I didn’t find out for sure until after viewing the film, but I think it adds a nice additional element to the movie. :)

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