Monthly Budget Recap: April ’11

Monthly Budget Recap: April ’11


Since incomes are relative, my recaps are in percentages instead of dollar amounts.

April 2011 budget recap


I received an income tax refund but also had to pay some taxes, however the refund did make for some nice extra income this month. This is fortunate since I forgot to factor it into April’s budget.

Fixed Expenses

I am still adjusting to the new apartment utility expenses which are, thankfully, much cheaper than at the last apartment.

Total April Fixed Expenses: Budgeted – 44%; Actual – 35%

Variable Expenses

I became a bit too excited about updating my summer wardrobe and spent far too much on clothes. Also, I did my annual hair highlights and should have factored that into my budget from the beginning. Thankfully my tax refund helped to balance out this over spending.

This was the first month I tracked my alcohol expenses individually. My estimate wasn’t too far off but I was surprised by just how much I spent on alcohol alone. Really, it is more the cost of socializing with friends, but I would like to cut this down next month.

This was also my first full month of commuting from Jersey City into Manhattan. The commute was far less than I expected with a total of $63 for the entire month! I separate MTA (nyc subway) because that is for my own leisure purposes and is not related to my commute.

Total April Variable Expenses: Budgeted – 32%; Actual – 22%


Last month, I took money from my emergency savings to cover the security deposit of my new apartment. I made sure to replace that this month.

Total April Savings: Budgeted – 17%; Actual – 15%

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How did your April budget look? What unexpected expenses did you have?


2 Replies to “Monthly Budget Recap: April ’11”

  1. I also found out that I spent quite a bit on bars, but I did find it difficult to discern that from a meal out with a drink or two – would one have happened without plans for the other? Who can say?
    One way I’ve found has been good to reduce this expense is having a dinner party once a month.

    1. Dinner parties or even just inviting people over and ordering pizza is definitely more cost effective than a large group of people eating out. I generally don’t eat when I am at a bar and don’t order alcoholic drinks at an actual restaurant. I prefer to separate the two.

      However, since most of my social outings are after work, I will just eat a late lunch then have a small snack once I get home after the bar. I also only use cash at bars, which isn’t as easy to track in the budget but is much easier to track when actually spending it!

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