Only Buy What You Can Carry


Often when grocery shopping we only focus on prices, discounts, sales and coupons. The best deal often means buying in bulk or multiples of an item (buy one get one free). However, shopping in this way is only possible if you have 1) a lot of storage space and 2) an easy way to get all this home.

If you own a car, purchasing large amounts of groceries at one time is not a problem. You can bring them all out to your car in a cart then make multiple trips from the car to your house once home.

Next time you are grocery shopping, imagine you have to walk home from the store; at least a 10 minute walk. How would you shop differently?

Quantity Over Price

Since I no longer own a car, I have found myself buying a lot less groceries! Quantity/size has been my priority over price. I know that the bulk peanut butter is cheaper but I cannot carry that in addition to a 5lb bag of flour. While I would like to purchase the cans of tomatoes that are on sale, I do not need them and they will only make my bags heavier to carry.

Purchasing Necessities

I now focus on the necessities and items I will need soon instead of stocking up on items simply because they are on sale. While the actual price may not be cheaper, in the long run, buying less will always result in saving money.


Would you have to make adjustments to your grocery shopping style if you were restricted to only what you could carry?


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