Monthly Budget Recap: February ’11

Monthly Budget Recap: February ’11


Since incomes are relative, my recaps are in percentages instead of dollar amounts.

February2011 budget recap

Fixed Expenses

All good this month! I ended up skipping two therapy sessions due to scheduling conflicts this month, so I did not spend as much on that as predicted

Total January Fixed Expenses: Budgeted – 62%; Actual – 59%

Variable Expenses

I am embarrassed – I did terrible this month. I went waaaaay over my entertainment budget. However, most of the purchases are for shows/races/events that are occurring later in the year. I need to decide if I should spread these purchases out better or just get them all out of the way at once, as I did this month.

I caved in and finally bought a winter coat (on clearance!) after living in NJ for four years without one. Unfortunately, I did not budget for that.

Every month I budget low for groceries with the good intentions of buying less, but it is so difficult for me to do this. I need to be more realistic about this. To balance it out, however, I was under budget for eating out, which always makes me happy.

Total January Variable Expenses: Budgeted – 22%; Actual – 40% (eeeeeeek!)


Again, I did not put as much into my savings as I would have liked to. I need to better enforce this.

Total January Savings: Budgeted – 14%; Actual – 11%

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How did your February budget look?


5 Replies to “Monthly Budget Recap: February ’11”

  1. Other than entertainment it doesn’t look too bad. That train pass (13%!) must be killer every month. I guess you go to work in NYC. I can’t stand going in there for a show or something every once in a while let alone every day. I wish they would make the regional into NYC cheaper like the PATCO into Philly from South Jersey.

    1. I could go on an NJT rant for days! At least the PATH is affordable though doesn’t go past Newark. Fortunately, my days of that high expense are soon to be over.

    1. I loooove this idea! I will start this in April and put $20 in it a month. That will be a great way to balance my entertainment budget so a larger expense will not cut into my monthly spending as much. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I personally believe that an entertainment budget is necessary because as humans we need to find things that make us happy! I have created an entertainment/vacation fund in the past and it has really helped me budget for trips, shows, concerts, etc. This reminds me that I need to start that back up again!

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