Non-Recipe: Pesto Pasta

Non-Recipe: Pesto Pasta


Pesto Pasta

With busy schedules, finding time to cook, especially if you do not enjoy it, can be difficult. Many “quick and easy” recipes are subjectively so. Numerous steps and ingredients can be overwhelming to someone who is used to take-out. When cooking solely for yourself, things like plating and appearance can take a back seat to quickness.

For those of you who don’t know, I spend a minimum of 13 hours a day doing work activities (including commuting) and am never home before 7p. Although I do enjoy cooking, I do not want it to occupy my entire evening. Since I am only cooking for myself, the quicker the meal is to make, the better.

Some might scoff that this isn’t a recipe at all, but we all have to start somewhere. Putting together this easypeasy pesto pasta (say that three times fast!) is still better than take-out.

Yes, I know fresh-made pesto will taste better, but it’s winter. And sometimes, there just is not time for that.

What You Need

1/4 box pasta (pick your favorite type)
2T (to taste) Pesto (Classico is good; Your local grocery store deli probably sells some as well)
Parmesan Cheese

What You Do

  1. Prepare pasta as usual. Drain.
  2. Stir in Pesto
  3. Stir in Parmesan cheese

In under 15 minutes with absolutely no hard work and dirtying only one pot, you will have an absolutely delicious dinner. It reheats well so make extra to use it for lunch the following day.


If you have the time, you can get fancy by grilling chicken on a george foreman while the pasta water is boling, then cut that up and stir it into the pasta with pesto.

You can also add vegetables like broccoli in with the pasta and chicken.


What is your favorite go-to meal after a long day?


12 Replies to “Non-Recipe: Pesto Pasta”

  1. Quesadillas! I make these all the time. Mexican or cheddar cheese, either plain or with chicken or refried beans. Plus some salsa on top. So yummy!

    1. Jeff, don’t you know that everything is better with cheese! You are certainly right about the commuting timesuck. I haven’t been home this much since this time last year when I was unemployed.

  2. This looks great! I’m adding it to my list of easy meals. One of my goals for this year is to eat a lot less takeout and so far, I’ve been doing really well.

    I just discovered your blog and your “About Me” sounds a lot like myself. With the exception of living in New Jersey. I live in Alabama…ugh.

  3. I’m laughing a little at the moment because I’m eating gnocchi with pesto and parmesan as I’m reading this. Super easy at home meal :)

  4. Have you tried freezing your pesto? I do it all the time and I swear it’s better than the store bought stuff. I imagine you would want to portion it so that you could thaw individual portions as necessary.

    1. Thanks for the tip James! I do know that you can freeze pesto in an ice cube tray then just put a frozen cube of pesto in your pasta.

  5. This is my go-to meal this week :) Except I’m trying to be healthy so it’s spaghetti and broccoli (cooked in the same pot because that means I have to wash less and I’m being good for the environment using only one element on the stove)

    Chicken is a good idea. I normally get my protein from chocolate covered almonds (I’m a bit addicted)

    1. I love that you mentioned the one-pot issue. I actually make my broccoli in the microwave then use that bowl to eat the pasta & broccoli in. Who wants more dishes to deal with?!

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