Monthly Budget Recap: January ’11

Monthly Budget Recap: January ’11


Since incomes are relative, my recaps are in percentages instead of dollar amounts.

january 2011 budget recap

Fixed Expenses

Once again, I went over my texting plan. This happens from time to time but still not often enough for me to up my plan to unlimited.

However, other utility bills were under budget this month, bringing my total fixed expenses under budget.

Total January Fixed Expenses: Budgeted – 63%; Actual – 62%

Variable Expenses

This was the first budget where I broke “entertainment” out into three separate categories: miscellaneous, clothing and entertainment.

I also made the new category “misc transportation”.

Creating these additional categories really helped me to gain a better idea of my spending, without over-complicating the budget.

By breaking “entertainment” out into other categories, it’s noticeable that I really don’t spend that much on actual entertainment at all.

I really over-budgeted that this month since I was not sure of my actual “entertainment” expenses. For February, I will adjust accordingly.

I did realize that I spend more on “misc” than I had thought, since I was previously including this into “entertainment.” I went over budget in this category, but not enough for a percentage change. I will increase my budget in this for February.

Total January Variable Expenses: Budgeted – 25%; Actual – 20%


Confession, I poorly planned a lack of paycheck this month and had to emergency withdrawal from the savings. I put all of it back and then some, but not enough to make up the 10%. I plan to make up for this in February.

Total January Savings: Budgeted – 10%; Actual – 7%

Still need a budget?

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How did your January budget look?


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  1. My wife and my website is very similarly themed to yours, and browsing your site I notice a lot of similarities in terms of interests. We too are mid twenties, professionals, I once wrote a novel (not with the nano though), we too live in central nj, etc. I look forward to reading your site moving forward, if you ever want to guest post, etc., to try and build up your audience or have any questions, etc., let us know. Also, you should look into joining the yakezie ( its a really good personal finance group that helps promote each others work, etc. Best of luck and I look forward to reading your blog in the months ahead!

  2. Sorry if I missed the post, but can you explain how you went about finding a good therapist? Since you first mentioned it, I’ve given more thought to taking that route, but I’m not sure how to go about it…

    1. That is an excellent question Dee! I did not go into detail about it previously. Look for a new post on that soon!

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