DIY: Homemade Deodorant Experiment

DIY: Homemade Deodorant Experiment


baking soda

I ran out of deodorant over the weekend, completely forgot to pick some up and found myself desperate come Monday morning!

After doing a quick google search, I decided to concoct my own powdered deodorant and see how it goes. I figured anything was better than nothing.

Powder Mixture

After reading that some people found baking soda to be a skin irritant, I decided to mix 1/4t baking soda with 1/4t cornstarch. I then used an old kabuki brush to brush the powder mixture under my arms.

I used just about the whole thing, as I really was not sure how much I would need. You could barely see the dusting under my arms and I just brushed it on as you would apply any other powder.


Today was the first day I tried it out and I am going to call it a success. This was under a normal work environment which 75% of the day is spent sitting at a desk. There was a point in the day I became quite warm and felt I was sweating a little but did not smell any odor.

Granted, I did not do any vigorous activity but knowing my own body (everyone is different), if I had gone completely without, my coworkers would not have been pleased.

I was actually very surprised at how well it worked and it did not take any longer to apply than normal stick deodorant. In fact, I did like that my underarms did not feel slimy as they do with stick/gel deodorant.

I wore a sweater, so I cannot judge if it would leave residue on a tank top. I will test this later.

Continuing the Experiment

I plan to continue this throughout the week to see if it continues to hold up as well as commercial deodorant. Tomorrow will be a good test since I will be at a photoshoot all day, which involves running around on my feet for 8 hours. If I am dry and odor free for that, I will be converted.

I plan to make further adjustments by adding an essential oil for a light scent and determining just how much I need to apply.

I also will see how it holds up during a workout. I have my doubts for that but even if I only used commercial deodorant solely for workouts, that would still save money.


Have you made a DIY version of a product out of necessity?


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  1. There are things I’ll admit to not using. Straighteners. Hair dryers. Irons. Foundation. But deodorant and perfume…oh, okay, no, I don’t usually.

    FWIW, I don’t generally sweat during the day (in fact I’m pretty much always cold! Have terrible circulation and too little body fat I guess). Occasionally on a really hot day I can detect a slight smell, but it’s not terrible and you’d have to be right up next to me to notice. I do sweat bucketloads after a run, but I’m usually then straight to the shower!

  2. I wouldn’t say necessity, but I did fix my toilet with aluminum foil out of sheer laziness and lack of desire to spend $10 for a replacement part. That I could get at work.

    1. I am curious what you used? I unclogged the bathtub drain with boiling water, bleach, baking soda and tweezers. But that was a very tedious process.

  3. I have used baking soda, vinegar, salt and glycerin in place of toothpaste. Though it is easy to make and use, I still buy my enamel care sensitive toothpaste. Only because I think my tongue ring is damaging the enamel on my teeth. Otherwise it works great. If you want a minty flavor you can add extracts.

    1. Yes, there are many other items that can be used as deodorant but I would have had to purchase them. I always have baking soda and corn starch on hand.

  4. I use white vinegar instead of deodorant – just dab it on with a piece of sponge. The vinegar smell goes away quickly. Cheap, and better for you than deodorants with aluminum! (This is a deodorant, NOT an antiperspirant – it will not keep you dry, but it will keep the odor away.)

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