2011 Financial & Personal Goals

2011 Financial & Personal Goals


Last December, I made some life goals for 2010. Even though I was laid off in the beginning of the year and ended a long-term relationship at the end of the year, I still was able to complete a majority of them.

Let’s see how I do in 2011:

Financial Goals

Pay 10% of my monthly income as a student loan payment
Currently, my student loan payment (my only outstanding debt) makes up 6% of my income. If I continue at that rate, it will take me ten years to pay it off. If I increase that to 10%, it will take me five years. Hopefully by the following year, I can contribute even more.

Double my emergency fund
I will refocus and prioritize putting money into my emergency fund every month.

Track entertainment, clothing and misc expenses better
I have never quite specified what I consider “entertainment.” If I buy someone a birthday card, buy myself a new shirt, or bring wine to a friend’s house, I put all of that in my “entertainment” category even though it does not quite apply. Unfortunately, using such a broad category makes it difficult to track spending effectively. So, my 2011 budget will consist of a separate “clothing” and “misc” category. This is because I want to see just how much I actually spend on these items a month.

Personal Goals

Maintain a high quality of friendships
I have some really amazing people in my life and want to keep these friendships strong.

Write three blog posts a week
I am very proud of this blog and want to remain focused on writing for it.

Learn one new recipe a week
I love to cook and would love to broaden my repertoire of dinner options.

Think of one new idea a week
I was inspired to create this goal from @andrewpbrett’s quote, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” I would like to get into the habit of learning to create and process new ideas for work, personal, blogging, or otherwise.

So Readers…

It’s a new year! What will you improve upon or change in 2011? Share in the comments below!


13 Replies to “2011 Financial & Personal Goals”

  1. Those are excellent goals! I’m trying to redouble on my budgeting and saving as well. A friend just recommended Quicken as a good way to track my spending, which should help. Although I’m currently avoiding taking a look at my budget because I know it will tell me I can’t spend as much money as I would like ;-)

  2. This is why I split out Starbucks, Website and Books/Gifts. It was all going under “Entertainment” which I consider to be stuff like the movies or anything OTHER than what is already in the rest of my categories that is fun

    1. Exactly! I was putting all of that (except gifts) under “Entertainment” as well, which really is not accurate.

  3. I really like that you want to work on your relationships and keep them strong. I think thats so important, especially when your young and building ones for the future. :)

    1. Thanks! When I first moved here, I really wanted to build friendships and for a while focused on meeting new people. But now that I already have some wonderful people in my life, I do not want to over extend myself and would rather always be available for my friends when they need it.

  4. I like all your 2011 goals, and I think I will adopt the learn a new recipe a week. I have hoarded tons of recipes that I want to try and this year I will make it HAPPEN!

    1. I am the same way! I have several cook books and a million recipes in my AllRecipes recipe box that I have never tried! Yet I make the same handful of recipes over and over. Even if there are some bad ones, it’s the only way to learn, right?

  5. Have you ever used the program mint.com? I love it. You can set budgets for everything and look at your monthly spending in catagories. I was skeptical at first but now I love it.

    Oh btw, I found your blog through another one that I follow, 4hatsandfrugal. Love yours and can’t stop reading it.
    Stop by mine if you get a chance :)

    1. Yay for new readers! Glad you like what you see here, Sara. Great blog you have too! I have used Mint.com in the past but I went back to using my excel sheet just out of personal preference. Manually entering my expenses makes me more aware of my spending. I do not have all that many accounts so it is easy for me to keep track of everything myself.

  6. So, it’s more than half way through 2011 now. How have you done with adhering to your financial and personal goals?

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