Sexing on the Cheap

Sexing on the Cheap


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Sex may be free, but safe sex has a price tag.


If you are buying condoms, I suggest buying them in bulk on Amazon. If you are buying them to begin with, chances are you will use that amount before they expire.

If you live near a college, see if you can purchase them for a discounted price from their pharmacy.

Go to Planned Parenthood. They hand out condoms like candy on Halloween.

Birth Control

If you do not have insurance, go to Planned Parenthood for your birth control. The cost is determined on the type of birth control you use and your yearly income. It can be anywhere from $5-25. They also let you purchase more than one pill pack at a time, which is very convenient.

If you have insurance, ask for a generic prescription. My generic birth control is $10/pack. Some places offer their generic prescriptions for as little as $4.

All The Other Stuff

For the most part, you do not need a lot of the other stuff. In fact, saliva makes a better lubricant than most store-bought ones.

In the market for a vibe? Be sure to make an informed decision as you would anything else. Look for reviews on Amazon and detailed descriptions on Some of them can be pricey so make sure you know what you are looking for first. If you already have a battery charger, this is another good use for it.

If you want to see toys in person without going to a sleazy store, host or find a friend who is hosting a Pure Romance party. It is private and in the comfort of your own home around your friends. You can see the items before purchasing and if you host, you will get a discount based on your friend’s purchases as well.

Get Creative

You do not have to buy into all of the gimmicky sexed up clothing and toys out there, especially if you feel uncomfortable making the purchase. There are many fun and safe things you can use at home to add some fun. After all, it’s supposed to be fun, right?

You can re-purpose a Halloween costume into some fun role play. Also, use items you already have at home like ice cubes or popsicles or turn a tie into a make-shift blindfold.

Do you price shop for condoms, birth control or toys, or do you just shop by preference?


13 Replies to “Sexing on the Cheap”

  1. I get cheap condoms and my BC pills at Family Planning (both the basic default brands). Also, this year I won a big Durex package (including my first ever vibrator – although I only used it a couple of times). It’s just not an area I deem worthy of spending big bucks in!

  2. I second that about birth control. I was using Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, which cost $50 for one month’s supply of pills. I switched to the generic, and I only pay $9 now.

  3. I use $5 birth control which is wonderful. My old doctor originally put me on a $50 brand because she was convinced my prescription coverage would cover them. But since I have a deductible, I paid the full $50. I ended up going to Planned Parenthood (because the doctor had moved) and getting a $5 generic prescription. We also use condoms sometimes (at theoretically fertile times of the month) because it’s worth it.

    1. I did not even realize Planned Parenthood had $5 generics like that! I was paying $15 for mine there because I thought it was solely based on income. Good to know!

  4. At our school the University Health Service gives condoms out for free in a bowl in the lobby (including fun ones like flavors) They also offer discount BC pills.

    If you are still in school I’d check there first.

  5. Nice title! :)

    One thing (if you’re in a monogamous relationship) that is cheap and is the primary method of birth control in the rest of the world is an iud. They cost $80 to $120 in the beginning but they last for five years. Birth control pills are a cash cow to the bug drug companies here in north America..(lol there’s my cynical rant of the day)

  6. I don’t really agree with the lubricant comment. :p And I refuse to go generic with bc. I will with most other things, but bc affects my body/mind in too many ways. What I have works, and I won’t risk that. But that’s just me. :)

    I agree re: Planned Parenthood. Even better, the bc can be FREE… I can’t speak about other states, but you can get it in CA, depending on your income. In undergrad, I would go in for a couple minutes and come out with a brown bag filled with a year’s worth of pills. I adore PP.

    1. Sunflowers, I absolutely agree with you and understand about changing birth control! After I went through a horrific experience with Ortho Cyclin, I was put on Levora and it has been great. Just recently, I switched to the $10 generic and was nervous at first about the switch but it seems to be going well. However, if at any point I think the pill is doing things I don’t like, I will pay the extra money without a problem.

  7. Ya know, I’ve never really thought of being frugal on condoms up until this post… ordering online either… Always just ran to wal-greens… Literally laughed out loud at this post, but it’s a good one! kudos.

    1. I find it interesting how we will spend a lot of time thinking about how to save money in some areas of life but not others. It all adds up!

    1. It’s interesting re-reading this post. Thankfully birth control is free now for the insured. I didn’t mind spending the $10 but free is definitely better. Thanks, Obama.

      Donating to Planned Parenthood is a great idea! I’m always thinking about organizations that need financial assistance and they certainly are one of them.

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