Frugal Fall: Trail Running (in pictures)

Frugal Fall: Trail Running (in pictures)


There are so many cheap activities in the fall. Last weekend I went apple picking followed by the most beautiful, perfect trail run!

Getting outside for a run, walk, or hike is a great way to take advantage of fall weather and, best of all, it is free!

I am grateful for living in a beautiful part of New Jersey where I am centrally located between two parks and a gorgeous running trail along the Delaware & Raritan Canal.

As previously mentioned, I do not pay for a gym membership. I do not enjoy running most of the time but at least I am not paying for it. On gorgeous days, I would not want to be in a gym anyway!

Need a reason to work out for free, let me show you my running trail:

1-ish Mile Mark

2-ish Mile Mark

3-ish Mile Mark

Under I-287

Whole Trail System

4-ish Mile Mark

What is your favorite frugal fall activity?


4 Replies to “Frugal Fall: Trail Running (in pictures)”

  1. Gorgeous! The two or three days of fall here (after all, it is Texas – we go from summer to winter pretty much instantaneously) have been beautiful. Great weather to be outdoors!

    1. Oh neat! I have started driving to further parking lots along the trail and running on different parts of it for a scenery change. Is the whole trail beautiful?

  2. It does look similar! Lots of tall trees shading the path, especially in the Princeton/Lawrence section. I thought that your 3rd picture could have been Carnegie Lake in Princeton. And the part under 287 looks a lot like where the towpath goes under the Route 1S –> 95S ramp.

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