A Successful Credit Card Dispute

A Successful Credit Card Dispute


Less than two weeks ago, I checked my credit report and saw a late payment on a closed account. When I called Chase to ask to have the payment removed, they informed me there was no record of my account in their system. Since, there was no proof my account ever existed, I decided to file a credit card dispute with Equifax to verify the information.

I submitted the dispute online and the entire process was very easy to understand. Once sent, Equifax sent me an email every few days saying they were still looking into my dispute and it might take up to 45 days to be completed.


It only took them only 12 days to complete my credit report dispute! I received an email this morning saying that it was complete. Once I logged into their website to view my dispute, I saw “This item has been deleted from the credit file.”! Yay!

Being Proactive

The entire process was extremely painless, very easy and absolutely worth it. It is so important to take control of your finances by being aware of all your accounts, debts, payments and your credit score.


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  1. That’s some great service. Was the late payment entry AFTER the account was closed? That’s pretty strange.

    1. @Penny Frugalista: No, the late payment was for the second month the account was open; but it was closed after only 8 months. I have very little recollection of the account, and apparently Chase doesn’t remember anything either!

  2. Congrats on the quick turnaround. I submitted a dispute way back in 2003, and it took me 2-3 months and several phone calls to get it resolved. Nice work!

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