Ultimate List of Birthday Freebies!


happy birthday

Looking for a cheap birthday meal or free gift? The following restaurants and stores give you free items on your birthday! All you have to do is sign up for their free mailing list and you’ll receive an email with a birthday gift coupon around the time of your birthday!

  • Anthropologie – 15% discount.
  • Applebee’s – Free entree available up to a month after your birthday
  • Banana Republic – 15% discount available entire birthday month.
  • Baskin Robbins – One free 2.5oz scoop/swirl available up to 5 days after your birthday.
  • Benihana – One free entree ($30 maximum value) available entire birthday month.
  • Cold Stone Creamery – One free small ice cream available up to 7 days before or after your birthday.
  • Dairy Queen – Buy one blizzard get one free.
  • Famous Dave’s – Free items depending on your “prize code” available up to 30 days after your birthday.
  • Houlihan’s – Free entree.
  • Lone Star Steakhouse – Free appetizer up to 7 days after your birthday.
  • Red Robin – Free burger available up to 7 days after your birthday.
  • Sephora – Free small gift available up to 14 days before and after your birthday.
  • Addition from Anna:

  • Noodles & Company–free bowl of noodles
  • Baker’s Square and Perkins–free pie
  • Liv Aveda–I got free lotion
  • Addition from Frank:

  • Golf courses will also provide a free round with a cart during your b-day month
  • Addition from Nina:

  • DSW gives out $5-$10 store credit to be used in your birthday month.
  • Aerosoles gives discounts.
  • Home Decorator’s Collection does the same thing

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