How To File A Credit Report Dispute

How To File A Credit Report Dispute


How to Dispute a False Credit Report Item

Always Check Your Credit Report

I checked my credit report last week and noticed there was a late payment listed that might negatively affect my credit score.

The payment was on a credit card that was opened and closed five years ago with Bank One who is now owned by Chase. I spoke with Chase (on the phone and in person) and was told that they do not have any record of me in their system.

There is no proof that the credit card even existed.

I decided to file a credit report dispute against the account with Equifax. I was told that I could not do so over the phone unless I had my credit report confirmation number, so I filed it online instead at Equifax.

If you have statements to prove the credit report is wrong, it is best to mail them to the credit report company with a letter explaining the situation. Unfortunately, I do not have any proof of the account at all so I had nothing to send.

The online submission process was simple and now I just have to wait 30 days to see if it is approved.


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