What Are You Happy Living Without?

What Are You Happy Living Without?


There’s been quite a few posts highlighting objects people do not own and why they are happier with their decision. Admittedly, many of the objects I do not own is because I still move quite frequently, I am still living quite comfortably without them.

10 Items I Consciously Choose Not To Own

  1. A Big Desk. I bought my desk at Ikea six years ago. It is basically a slab of wood on four metal legs. I can disassemble and transport it myself since it fits right in my car. Less drawers means less clutter.
  2. Desk Chair with Wheels. This just is not practical for me. It is not easily transportable and does not roll very well on thick carpet. I have been using three folding Ikea chairs for six years, lugging them from apt to apt and love them.
  3. Jewelry box. I was going to purchase one, when I decided to simply use a belt as an earring holder instead. Problem solved.
  4. Watering can. I use a cocktail shaker. I don’t have a huge garden so this works just fine.
  5. Popcorn Popper. I make my own microwaveable popcorn. The paper bags take far less room in the kitchen than a popper.
  6. Bread machine. With a KitchenAid mixer, I really do not see this as necessary. Kneading is the most difficult part and the mixer does that for me. Timing the rises is tricky, but manageable.
  7. Blender. My roomate has one. The three years it has been in the kitchen I have not once touched it.
  8. Chemical cleaners. Hello baking soda and vinegar.
  9. Ziploc baggies. I gave these up as a test to see if I could get by with just containers and jars. I don’t miss the bags.
  10. A Dresser. I do not have the room in my bedroom for a cluttering piece of big furniture. I also cannot fit one in my car (or move it myself). So instead I simply use closet for everything. I have small foldable drawers for my undergarments/pj’s and hang the rest of it. This also makes it more difficult for me to “forget” about clothes buried in the back of a drawer.

Readers, what common items do you live without by choice?


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  1. Hmmm… We don’t have a blender, bread maker or popcorn popper. (If anyone had asked me if I owned a popcorn popper before this post, I might have asked, “You mean a microwave??”) ;) I also don’t have a jewelry box. I use the boxes my jewelry comes in to store them, and it helps that I don’t own much jewelry (nickel allergy). We use Gladware instead of Ziploc baggies. I live without DVDs or books, but it works for me because our library has an extensive collection.

    You know what’s funny? I’ve donated hundreds of things over the past couple years, but now that I’m on the spot here, it’s hard to think of anything other than the obvious! Must be a sure sign that we didn’t need any of that stuff to begin with! :)

  2. Apart from a desk and a semi-broken chair with wheels (the back support is completed effed) I own none of those. Our little place has wicked wall to wall built in cupboards, so don’t need a dresser as such.

    Oh, I do have chemical cleaners for the bathroom, though – toilet and shower.

  3. No bread maker, popcorn popper, or desk chair with wheels here. I have about 5 jewelry boxes (all gifts) and bought a dresser, blender, desk, ziplock baggies and watering (plastic) can when the nubby and I moved in together. Can I live without them? Sure. But they do make life easier. Maybe I will go donate some jewelry boxes…..

  4. @Red: That happens to me with clothes all the time! I will find a shirt in the laundry room that I know is mine, but I was not missing and actually forgot I ever owned it. Clearly I do not need more clothes!

    @eemusings: That was my other issue with the desk chair on wheels, they always fall apart!

    @Patti: I admit I am on the edge of efficiency with the cocktail shaker. If I had one more plant, I would cave in and get a watering can. Also, this summer has been soooo dry, causing the plants to take in a lot of water, meaning more refill trips.

  5. Popcorn maker is the BEST thing i have in my home. Also popcorn seeds are so much cheaper than microwave popcorn. I gotta have my popcorn fix weekly…

  6. I use something like this for jewelery: http://www.amazon.com/Household-Essentials-01943-80-Pocket-Organizer/dp/B0010XX7ZQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1281931836&sr=1-1

    I have/use 7-10 – ziplocs are really only used on hiking trips though (lighter than tupperwares). I lived without a dresser for a couple years after college (but had plastic drawer thingy), but I like that I have one now!

    However, i have no kitchenaid. So expensive, i can’t bring myself to do it!

  7. I love stove top popcorn. And when I am watching one of the kids they are always surprised popcorn can be made without using the microwave. HA!

    That is a great idea about the clothes. I have been trying to purge out stuff I don’t use/need/want anymore. I have a studio apt so I am really trying to keep clutter down.

    Luckily my sister-in-law passed her Kitchenaid on to me when she realized it was just collecting dust in her kitchen. Although a bread maker would be nice for the whole timer aspect… fresh warm bread waiting for you as you walk thru the door.

    I don’t have cable or a landline… don’t really miss either (expect when I get a chance to watch the Foodnetwork somewhere else).

    1. @Amy: I was a little nervous ditching the dresser and going closet-only. Honestly though, I do not miss it at all. This way, my wardrobe is limited by the size of my closet (and the amount of hangers), nothing gets wrinkled, and I can see all the clothes I own quite easily!

  8. This is a very interesting list. I would never have thought of some of these things. I’m a fan of a huge desk because I have papers thrown about everywhere and piles too! Is it just a space thing? I don’t understand the whole easily transportable thing too. Are you moving a lot or moving it around yourself?

    1. I move a lot. Since I am still renting apartments, I haven’t lived at any one place for longer than two years and during college I moved twice a year. Owning portable items is still essential until I finally settle into a more permanent place. Also, most of my moves have been done by myself with my car so I always keep that in mind when making purchases as well.

  9. I go without t.v. And for the longest time I also went without internet (only getting it when I returned to school).
    These are things that cost so much money and something I don’t feel is necessary. Not having t.v. in fact has improved my life. I get out more and don’t spend so much time wasting away on the couch.

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