Monthly Budget Recap: July 2010


Since incomes are relative, I have decided to go over my budget recaps in percentages instead of dollar amounts.

Fixed Expenses

My electric bill decreased and car insurance increased just enough to balance each other out.

Total May Fixed Expenses: Budgeted – 50%; Actual – 51%

Variable Expenses

I went over in groceries! This happens time to time but I really need to get better on watching it. I certainly do not need more than $115 worth of food a month for myself.

Thanks to my Lipsy dress debacle, my entertainment expenses came in way under budget. I was credited $165 for the dress, which means my entertainment expenses were practically negative this month!

Total March Variable Expenses: Budgeted – 42%; Actual – 41%


I helped my father out with some car issues he was having. Unfortunately, I had to take that money out of savings, so I challenged myself to replace it by the end of the month. And I did! I saved 19% more than I had planned to. This certainly teaches me that I definitely can be putting more money into savings. I like the idea of learning my financial limits. What starts out as a sacrifice, soon turns into you realizing you don’t miss it at all.

Total Savings: Budgeted – 5%; Actual – 24%

Readers, how did your July budget turn out? I would love to hear!


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