Weekend: July 9-11, 2010

Weekend: July 9-11, 2010


Every weekend, I will detail my activities and expenses to provide an example of how to implement a frugal mindset while still having a fun and active life.


I had plans to meet up with some friends for dinner on Friday night. I fixed myself a grilled cheese after work and snacked on some cashews on the way over. I did not purchase anything at the restaurant but still enjoyed myself. It was nice chatting with friends, some who I had not seen in a while. After dinner, we went to a local ice cream shoppe. I ate a delicious chocolate chip ice cream cone and socialized some more with friends.

Friday Total Cost:$3


My friends were married on Saturday, so I spent most of the day getting ready for and attending to wedding things. They had an open bar so no money was spent!

Saturday Total Cost:$0


On Sunday, I went to the mall to see if I could get my dress fixed. The final result was a $140 credit and my dress was sent off to the seamstress. Afterward, I had lunch at Chipotle, then walked it off at the Ken Lockwood Gorge. Then put it all back on with some ice cream at Gronsky’s Milk House.

Sunday Total Cost:-$130.80

Total Weekend Cost: -$127.80!


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