Customer Service Experience with Lipsy

Customer Service Experience with Lipsy


Leslie in her Lipsy Dress that broke

They always say “quality over quantity” right? That is exactly what I thought when I dished out $300 (the most I have ever spent on an article of clothing) on a dress to wear to some planned weddings later this year. The dress was from London-based company Lipsy. I fell in love with the dress and really liked the rest of their collection, with the intention to purchase more of their clothing.

So Much for Quality

I wore the dress for the first time since purchase, to a wedding over the weekend. It was comfortable the entire time and I received many compliments. I was enthusiastic to tell my friends the name of the company and where they could purchase similar dresses.

Then, I took it off at the end of the night and saw the zipper had broke off.

The Price of Losing a Customer

With receipt in hand, I went to the Lipsy section of Bloomingdale’s to ask what they could do. The manager was not very eager to help. Since I had already worn the dress, it could not be returned. The manager said she would call the seamstress to see how much it would cost, but the entire zipper would have to be replaced. She made sure to say that this type of thing never happens with their clothing and that the zipper must have been forcefully pulled to cause the break.

I shrugged thinking I was out of a dress and said, out of honesty, that I was extremely disappointed and would never buy another Lipsy product. Their quality just did not match the price.

At hearing this, the manager decided she could do something after all. She admitted to not wanting to lose me as a customer so she negotiated this:
I “returned” the dress then, since it was on sale, bought it again at its lowest selling price, $130! I still paid the $25 alteration fee and just hope that the new zipper still looks okay in three weeks.

I was credited a total of $140!

Honestly, I still am disappointed with the quality of this expensive dress but I am pleased with the way the manager handled it. I do not care so much about the money as I really truly loved the dress. I will be disappointed still if the new zipper does not match as well as the original one.

Lesson Learned

I have learned that you do not always get what you pay for but I will continue to look at Lipsy clothing, as it is the only dress I have ever found to fit me perfectly.

Readers: Have you made any high cost purchases that ended up being disappointing?


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