2010 Goals: Six Month Check In

2010 Goals: Six Month Check In


Back in December, I made some life goals for 2010. Since then I was laid off, unemployed for two months, found a new job and doubled my commuting costs (and time).

Amazingly, I have been able to cross some of the goals off my list! Let’s review:

Financial Goals

  • Pay off my car
  • Focus on reducing Student Loan
  • In progress

  • Focus on emergency fund
  • In progress

  • Start a travel fund

Personal Goals

  • Be out of high-interest debt
  • Take a real vacation to somewhere new
  • Increase skills in one hobby
  • In progress

  • Have a stable side-project
  • Build and maintain a new close friendship
  • Continue living life to the fullest
  • In progress

    The Plan!

    So now that my car loan and credit card (both high interest) are paid off, I am re-allocating more funds for my student loan and my savings. I have mentally started a travel fund by increasing my savings goal. I will separate this out later.

    I am not sure how I feel about having a stable side project at the moment. Right now, I am being fulfilled by my job (both mentally and logistically), so I do not feel it is that important to have an ongoing side project. I would prefer to put my time into increasing my sewing skills, which I have started more recently.

    I will focus on friendships for the second half of this year now that the stress of my high interest debt is out of the way, I feel a bit more relaxed in terms of socialization.

    I kicked off the new year with a polar bear swim. If that’s not “living life to the fullest” I am not sure what is! I have also learned how to indoor mountain climb, improved upon my ice skating, and started working in NYC. There are definitely some opportunities I have missed, but for now, I have a balance and am happy with the progress of this goal.

    So Readers…

    The year is already half over, how do you feel about your life, finances, mental health, what-have-you thus far? What is going well? What will you improve upon or change? Share in the comments below!


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