Monthly Budget: May 2010

Monthly Budget: May 2010


I did much better on my May budget than I was expecting!

Fixed Expenses

I went over on my text messages, again! It’s a shame no one uses email anymore because it really would help!

Total May Fixed Expenses: $1,532.70

Variable Expenses

Here’s the breakdown:

Car Gas: $107/$100. I upped it from the $80 it was previously and this works a lot better. Ideally, I would still like to keep my gas spending down.
Entertainment: $300/$278. I actually increased it to $300 (which is quite high for me) with the plans of buying birthday gifts, but instead I postponed the gifts to spend $200 on a new lcd monitor because mine died unexpectedly.
Health/Beauty: $0/$25 whoo!
House: $57/$25. I bought some plants and containers for my garden.
Eating Out: $75/116. Ugh! I know! Seriously! Birthday dinners killed me.
Groceries: $178/$200. I increased it because I had a cookout on Memorial Day. Somehow I did not go over!

Total March Variable Expenses: $738.12


I put my budgeted amount into my savings this month! yay! Right now it is at 11% but I am going to increase that that next month since I added some additional savings goals.

May Total

Total May Expenses: $2570.82

Readers, how did your May budget turn out? I would love to hear!


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