The Importance Of Asking (A.K.A. An Ode to’s Customer Service)

The Importance Of Asking (A.K.A. An Ode to’s Customer Service)


Back in March, I pre-ordered a video game and received $20 video game credit on I went to use it just last week and noticed that the credits were not showing up.

So I went to Get Human to find their number. I waited maybe 4 minutes for a CR to answer.I explained the dilemma and was informed that the credits expired April 30th! I had no idea! I said that.

The CR offered (without me having to ask at all) to credit my account with a $20 general credit that does not expire for a year! I was quite surprised especially considering it was completely my fault for letting them expire.

The entire call was short, painless and had an excellent resolution without any struggle at all. Huge thumbs up to’s customer representative team.

So Readers…

It seems positive customer service stories are rare nowadays, share yours below!


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  1. Last year in Germany we had a flight scheduled to go from Munich, lay over in D.C., then fly to LAX. But we noticed that there was a direct flight from LA from Munich leaving 10 minutes before ours.

    So all we did was ask if it was possible to switch flights, figuring they would say no or charge us a hefty sum. Not only did they bump us up to the direct flight, we got better seats!

    All because we asked.

  2. Two of my favorite brands are usually considered not-so-great. I adore CitiBank. No doubt, I’ve had a few issues with them (99/9% of the time, of my own making) but they have dropped interest rates by half because i asked, credited my account late fees and just generally given me the benefit of the doubt.

    My second favorite is AT&T. Yes, their service sucks but I’ve had huge bills forgiven by them and they’ll usually give you credits if you complain.

    Speaking of, I’m a huge fan of arguing my bill. I call my credit cards, my bank, my cable company and argue – not every month – but every once in a while. I dont believe in paying more than you should and every now and then, it’s nice to pay a little LESS than you should, eh? What’s the worst they can say? no?

    Great post! xo Meg

  3. Great story and I totally agree. It’s always worth asking nicely in customer service situations. Subsitutions at restaurants or I remember I time I got charged an annual fee by one of my credit cards because I hadn’t made a purchase. I called up and asked them to reverse the fee. I even said that I would make a purchase before the year was up (this was late Dec.). I got it quickly reversed with no hassles!

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