Declutter by Re-Purposing Household Items

Declutter by Re-Purposing Household Items


When you are looking to purchase something new or when you are decluttering your home, it is important to think about re-purposing items that you no longer use into something far more useful! Here are some examples of how I re-purposed household items into new ones without paying a dime!

Jewelry Organization with a Belt

After losing umpteen pairs of earrings and having all my necklaces tangled into one big knot, I looked into purchasing a jewelry box. Unfortunately, I could not find one that met my needs and was not keen on paying $30 for something that can only hold 5 necklaces.

Instead, I took an eyelet belt that I hardly wear and hung it up on a hook behind the bathroom door. All of my earrings fit perfectly on the belt. They are not too crowded, I always can pair them up, and they will not fall out of a box. I have been using the belt as an earring holder for over a year now and have yet to find a better system. As you can see, I use the other hooks to hang earrings from.

I do realize that the belt is no longer a belt, but I really do not miss it as an accessory.

Easy Kitchen Organization

When re-organizing our kitchen, I saw a cutting board organizer at Target for ~$20. I immediately realized that i had the same thing at home that I never even used! It was a plastic folder organizer for your office. I planned on using it to organize my desk eventually… Well, I decided to move it into the kitchen and it works great!

Even though it is plastic, the organizer holds the cutting boards without a problem.

Shoe Racks Are For More Than Just Shoes

I initially bought the vertical shoe organizer to better use space in a small closet. Since then, I moved into a room with a larger closet and more shoe storage space.

Now I use the shoe rack for special occasion shoes and for general purpose storing. The little cubby is the perfect size for my iron! I have a mini ironing board that just hangs in my closet, so the two are always together.

I also found the sections to be great for keeping outfits together. I will put a pair of running shorts, a sports bra and a tank in one section. This way they are always together when I’m looking for work out clothes and wrinkles are not a worry.


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  1. Great tips! But why do you have so many dang cutting boards? We only have one at home. It’s medium sized. We use it every day, wash it and put it away.

    1. Some of the cutting boards are mine and some are my roomate’s. I have the rubber edged one in two sizes then two bendable ones (came in a 2-pack). I guess we use cutting boards a lot because I’m not sure I could get by with just one!

  2. I use those hanging cloth shelves for accessories and underwear! Love them. And what a great idea to use an old belt! I don’t have pierced ears, but am always looking for a good way to store my necklaces etc.

  3. Was actually was doing some research and impressed by the article you posted. Just exactly what I searched too. Thanks!

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