Weekend: May 21-23, 2010

Weekend: May 21-23, 2010


Every weekend, I will detail my activities and expenses to provide an example of how to implement a frugal mindset while still having a fun and active life.


A group of friends and I went out to dinner to treat a friend for his birthday. The six of us split the bill for $17/each; that way everyone was paying a bit of the birthday boy’s meal as well. It was far more than I normally spend on eating out, but was a special occasion.

After dinner, we went back to my house and just hung out for the rest of the night. I did not go out and buy any special food; I was already prepared to make cookies!

Friday Total Cost:$17


I spent Saturday playing the Mod Nation Racers demo which is fabulous! I also bought some supplies and plants for my first-ever vegetable container garden (wish me luck!).

For dinner, we went to a local hotdog shack for 3 with everything and a thick shake, that was all $6.

After dinner, we all went over to a friend’s house to play a casual game of poker. It was a $5 buy-in. I was just playing for fun and did not consider the five dollars to be a big loss. However, in the end, I broke even! (Total luck, I have no poker skills whatsoever).

Saturday Total Cost:$63


Sunday was a cloudy day so I decided to be productive and went for a run, planted my vegetables and did some laundry. I watched a Netflix Instant Movie and just hung out the rest of the day. Since I was social both Friday and Saturday, it was nice to just have a day to lounge around.

Sunday Total Cost: $0

Total Weekend Cost: $80


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