Buy It Because You Love It, Not Because It’s Cheap

Buy It Because You Love It, Not Because It’s Cheap


I was in H&M over the weekend and overheard a shopper tell a friend, “I’m not crazy about this shirt but it’s only $10.” It is easy to be fooled by a small price tag because not only is there less of an investment, but there is also less guilt.

But is that cheap price worth being uncomfortable because the fabric is slightly irritating? Or self-conscious because it doesn’t fit you perfectly? Or wasteful because it rips after a few washings?

If you do not love something, why spend any money on it all?

How many of those “just-okay” $10 shirts do you have in your closet? Five? That’s $50 that could have been spent on one, super awesome shirt that you look amazing in!

Outside of the realm of clothing are a plethora of activites that you can get deals for. In the past few years, I have gone to see many broadway shows. I have seen several recently because they were relatively cheap, however, they were not the plays I really wanted to see. Don’t get me wrong, the plays were great. But, with the money I have spent on shows that I “sorta wanted” to see, I could have watched one show that I really wanted to see!

Buying things that are “just okay” is merely spending your hard-earned money on mediocrity.

So Readers…

What do you refuse to sacrifice quality on even if there is a heftier price tag?


8 Replies to “Buy It Because You Love It, Not Because It’s Cheap”

  1. It depends on the item I think. And also my mood. I like to think that I only buy quality items that I LOVE… but sometimes that is not the case. Hence my recent “splurge” of $47 on about 6 items at a secondhand store. Now I need to do some cleaning of my drawers…

  2. I always splurge on classic bags, shoes and jeans – they’re the mainstay of any wardrobe. I always rate things I try on from 1-10. If it’s not a 9 or 10 I won’t purchase no matter how cheap it is. If it’s an 7 or 8, I put it on hold and wait 24 hours – if I go home and think about the item or see things in my closet that it would work perfectly with, I go back. If not, which is usually the case, I totally forget about it and save the cash for something I truly love.


    1. That is an excellent idea Meg! I love the rating system! That makes perfect sense to go home and think about it if it’s “just okay”.

  3. I understand completely! Sometimes we as consumers will sacrifice for the dollar. In some instances its good because in actuality your paying for the name.

  4. Absolutely not! It’s never worth buying something you won’t make proper use of.

    It takes more work but you can find exactly what you want for lower price tags or you can buy less more expensive items but you will likely love them all.

  5. Hair cuts and color! I have had to get my cheapie hair cuts fixed before, or I end up hating it until it grows out, so it’s definitely not a bargain. And I’ve learned the hard way with having friends do color or going to the beauty school that it’s best to save up my pennies for the real thing.

    1. Absolutely! I definitely splurge on highlights because I know from experience that growing out bad color is not fun! I do consider them a treat though and mainly get it done in the summer. Great example!

  6. Bras! I worked at Victoria’s Secret for almost two years and have heard millions of horror stories about bras that fall apart way before they should. By investing in a high quality bra and taking care of it (HAND WASH AND HANG DRY ONLY) I save so much more than if I bought cheap bras and had to replace them every year.

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