Risk-Free, Guilt-Free Shopping with Free Samples

Risk-Free, Guilt-Free Shopping with Free Samples


Free samples are a great example of how frugality is more about being resourceful than it is about being cheap.

Cheap people will use free samples solely because they are free. They have no intention of ever buying the product and simply think of the item as a free meal, free lipstick, free soap, etc.

Frugal consumers, on the other hand, will focus more on the fact that it is a sample. Samples allow you to try a product with no investment. If you like the sample, then spending money on it will be a smart purchase. If you do not, then no harm done. You did not waste your money.

Trying New Foods

The sample can be something petty like a new ice cream flavor. Step outside your boundaries and ask your local ice cream parlor to try a small sample spoonful of a new flavor. This is how I grew to love gelato.

Even Chipotle will give you a sample of their different seasoned toppings. This way you can try the food without risk.

Trying New Make-Up/Beauty Products

One of the most financially savvy examples of free samples is with make-up/beauty products. Sephora is great with offering free samples with your online purchase. In the stores, you can ask for a sample of any of their perfumes. Used wisely, this sample will definitely last you a few weeks. What a great way to see just how that scent reacts to your skin without spending $40.

Sephora also offers samples in the form of actually trying out the make-up right there in the store. Just find a color you want to try but might be a little afraid to. Ask one of the staff if they can apply it on you. Be sure to take advantage and ask questions about matching, weight, and application.

It is especially important to use free samples for expensive items. Lush products have a hefty price tag but the cashiers are more than willing to give you a free sample of everything there. Definitely take advantage of this. From experience, I have learned to always request a sample before trying a new product.

Trying New Medications

You can also receive samples of prescription medication. This is especially useful if you are sensitive to various prescriptions. If you are prescribed a new medication or want to change from one that is not working, ask your doctor if she has any samples available so you can see how your body reacts to the new medication without spending your money on the full prescription. This will save you money, time and frustration.

Risk-Free, Guilt-Free Spending

I’m happy to hear some twitter favs use free samples wisely, as well. @eemusings takes advantage of the free samples at Lush and The Body Shop and @pintucked likes the samples offered by Sephora.

Next time you see a product you want to purchase but are not sure you will like it, ask for a sample Most places are more than willing to take a little sacrifice in hopes you will make another purchase This way you are spending your money on products that work for you and you are making a smart, informed decision.


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  1. Leslie,I am glad you mentioned Sephora because everytime I go there I get a sample of something before I even ask. They are so good there! I also agree with the medication subject. When I had to switch medications, if the doctor’s had them, they would give me a 2 week sample at first which can save hundreds of dollars! Great Post!!! Hugs, Laurie

  2. I’m starting to see more and more sites such as your that are offering some fantastic links to great online rebates or free deals. I’ve heard of what you said about directly mailing a company for free samples. Many times they will be more than willing to give you something because your word of mouth advertising is free and goes a long way for them. Plus if you like the product you and your friends may end up buying from them in the future.

    Thanks for the post!

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