Learn to Pack and Save Money! Pt 1. Travels (with video!)

Learn to Pack and Save Money! Pt 1. Travels (with video!)


Airlines have always been fee-happy when it comes to checked luggage. Weight restriction and contents were the biggest charge-causing items. Then airlines started charging for more than one checked luggage. Now it’s for all checked luggage period. And Southwest is even charging for carry-on’s. This means the more efficiently you pack, the more money you save!

Roll With It

I took a 10 day trip in the summer, with 10+ days worth of clothes, including running clothes and shoes all in one carry on and one large purse. Everything fit because I rolled all my clothing. I stuffed socks inside my shoes. I used every nook and cranny in that piece of luggage to comfortably pack my clothes into. However, I did not overstuff anything.

Rolling your clothes makes a better use of the space within your luggage. It takes up less room and leaves less wrinkles in your clothing. You can even roll up outfits together to make unpacking easier.

This is my first video and I know it’s a bit rough, so please bear with me. Here is how I roll-up my clothes to pack. I have no idea if this is the “right” way or not, but it works for me!

Do you need it?

It is not about cramming everything you own into a small bag. The important part of packing is to figure out what to bring with you!

It is okay to overpack a little so you are prepared for those unexpected events or turns of the weather. However, this extra packing can still be addressed efficiently. For example, if you are traveling by plane and bringing a coat with you, carry it. Even if it is 90 degrees out right now, do not pack your coat. You usually (don’t quote me on this) can carry a coat along with you on the plane without it being counted as a carry-on. This way it is not taking up luggage real estate.

There are some excellent online travel checklists that will provide specific lists depending on where you are going. One Bag & The Universal Packing List are both great packing resources.


Knowing exactly what you will be doing there will be a big help. Will you be walking around a lot (bring sneakers) or just lounging on the beach (bring flip flops). Will you be going out to clubs (bring heels & band-aids). Is the weather humid (skip the straightener).

Travel Size

Put your beauty products into smaller bottles. Even if you are checking your luggage, this will save space and you should not need an entire bottle of shampoo in even a two week period of time.


Packing to move is a whoooooole other animal. This can save you money as well! As the girl who moved twice a year for 5 years, I know my way around an empty cardboard box. Look for Pt 2. Moving soon, for details in how packing to move the right way can save you money.

Readers: Leave your traveling tips below!


4 Replies to “Learn to Pack and Save Money! Pt 1. Travels (with video!)”

  1. oh leslie, i LOVE it! i have actually rolled a swim towel in a bag and it saved SO MUCH room! will have to roll the clothes too!!! thanks for the demo =)!!!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas Leslie. Hopefully this can help in packing light, because they are now charging extra if your luggage weighs too much at check in!

    1. Sadly, airlines have been charging extra for heavy baggage for a while now. That is why prioritizing what you need is so important! I want to add that you should always check what supplies are at your destination. Maybe you don’t need to bring an extra towel, hair dryer, etc.

      The anti-wrinkling nature of clothes rolling is an added bonus of the whole thing! I love not having to worry about my clothes looking too disheveled when I unpack.

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