Save Money and Borrow!

Save Money and Borrow!


As I have said time and time again, being frugal means being resourceful. There are many resources we can tap into to save some money while still living fulfilling lives. Families and friends are an excellent resource to use (but not take advantage of). Before you head out and run to the store as soon as you think you may need something, why not see if a friend has the item first. Know a family member who has an item that he no longer uses but keeps around, why not see if you could borrow for it for a short time? It will help them clear up some space and give you a new toy. Need to free yourself from distractions, try lending out your toys to friends so you can get your work done.

There are many different reasons to borrow from or lend an item to a friend, family member or neighbor. Keep these in mind before making a purchase!

New To You

My boyfriend upgraded to a PlayStation 3 a year ago which means I get to borrow his PlayStation 2. Since I never owned a PlayStation 2 before, every single game is new to me. I know that they are not wide screen and do not have fancy graphics, but the games are still enjoyable. I have been playing Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and Dance Dance Revolution all for free!

I Don’t Need It…. Right Now

I had a cat a few years ago who I spoiled like you would not believe. Part of this spoiling was to buy him a 77″ tall cat tree. After my cat passed away, I no longer had a use for the cat tree but I did want to keep it for when I got another cat. Unfortunately, the townhouse I currently live in does not allow pets so I know it will be some time before I have another one. One afternoon, my friends mentioned that they wanted to buy a cat tree for their kitty but was not sure if she would like it. Since I do not have a use for it at the moment, I let them borrow it to try it out. Fortunately, their cat loves it! In fact, they already know that when I take it back, their cat will demand her own!

I Need It… But Only For a Day

There are many times where you need an item just for one day or one project. Borrowing tools is a great way to save money. Now keep in mind, this is where it is important to have quality resources. Many people are wary of lending out expensive items because they fear the item being damaged or never returned. Show that you can be trusted by returning the borrowed items on time and in the same condition you received them. This friend is doing you a favor, be respectful.

Loaning To Help Yourself

There are situations where you may loan someone an item because it helps you. For example, my friend Matt asked me if he could leave his PlayStation 3 with me the week before a paper due. He knows that it is just too hard for him to concentrate on school work when he has the PS3 around to distract him. So, to help himself out, he loans me the gaming console whenever he has an important assignment to do. Of course, I am such a good friend that I do not mind taking it off his hands!

Be Respectful

As I mentioned above, always be respectful when borrowing an item. A friend is helping you save money by loaning you an item instead of having you make the purchase yourself. Remember, if someone is loaning an item to you, expect to return the favor someday. This is why it is important to have quality people in our lives.


3 Replies to “Save Money and Borrow!”

  1. I love that I can “share” items with my friends and family — that way, we don’t all have to actually own the same things. For insance, I needed a voltage meter, but only for a day — I borrowed one, rather than spending the money on one. Same goes for an aerobed and some folding chairs. And I reciprocate whenever I can.

  2. Great idea! I don’t own many fancy dresses because I usually don’t have an occasion to wear it to, except at weddings or Christmas party that only occur a couple times a year. Luckily, I have two sisters and close friends who are similar size to me, and I can borrow the dress for the occasion. Of course, I am very not to damage the things I borrow.

  3. Great points! With our fast past world, it seems many are seeking what they need only at the mall, because it is “easier”. However, the relationships that can be built by borrowing and then loaning stuff to others can actually make life a lot more easier, sustainable, and fun.

    Keep up the good work,

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