Resourceful With Time: By Doing Nothing

Resourceful With Time: By Doing Nothing


Being frugal means being resourceful. A great way to be more productive and thus save money is by managing your time better. There are many times throughout the day that we find ourselves with downtime. What is the best use of this time?

I can’t just sit here!

When I first moved to New Jersey, I was continually frustrated at having to sit in my car while someone pumped my gas for me. I thought it was a terrible use of my time (pre-iPhone). I even started keeping tweezers in my car so I could do some eyebrow maintenance while I waited. What I did not realize is that these few minutes would be put to better use by simply doing nothing. Sitting there with some time to myself was something I needed more than trimmed eyebrows. Being able to mentally organize my to-do list or actively think through some decisions made me feel more calm and organized. It became a timeout from technology and distractions.

Doing nothing is okay

And that is how I have decided to use my new 50 minute train ride to NYC for work; by doing nothing. Well, in the evening at least. In the morning I find it most useful to take a morning nap (I know you are jealous!). In the afternoon, I just sit there. Sometimes I read, which is especially nice in a distraction-free environment. Sometimes I just listen to music. Actually listen. When was the last time you did that?! Having an hour of forced introspective quiet time has made me realize just how little time I spend with myself.


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  1. My car broke last week and I rode public transit for a couple days — i had the same experience. I spend a lot o f quiet time with myself, but usually also with my computer (and thus the internet)

    Enjoy your time to yourself!

  2. That’s the huge benefit of taking PT. I enjoy just taking the time to let my brain wander – space out, listen to music, doze. Occasionally I DO work on the journey, but it’s rare. I can’t read on the bus because I get sick. When else do we get time in the day to just let our brains rest?

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