Homemade Placemats Are Easy Peasy

Homemade Placemats Are Easy Peasy


With the price of fabric, it’s not always cheaper to make your own items but if you can find good fabric on sale, making homemade placemats is a cheap & quick project. Oh and it’s easy! As you can see by my crooked stitches, I’m far from a talented sewer.

Prep Your Fabric

Homemade Placemats Step 1
1. Lay out your fabric

I picked this up on sale a while ago and knew it would be perfect for something in the kitchen.

Homemade Placemats Step 2
2. Determine the size of your homemade placemats

Cut a rectangle out of newspaper of the chosen size to use as a pattern. I made mine at 18″ x 12″, the same size of the cutting board.

Homemade Placemats Step 3
3. Cut your fabric

Each homemade placemat consists of two rectangles of fabric. Fold your fabric in half. Pin the pattern to your fabric. Cut out each rectangle. You should have twice as many rectangles for your desired number of placemats. If you’re making 4 placemats, you should have 8 rectangles cut out.

Time for Stitching

Homemade Placemats Step 4
4. Pin right sides of fabric together

The “right side” of fabric is the side you want everyone to see! For now, we will be putting the right side of each rectangle inside, sewing, then turning it inside out later on. Put one fabric rectangle on top of the other one, with their right sides touch each other. Pin around the edges. This holds the fabric together so you can sew.

Homemade Placemats Step 5
5. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around, leaving an opening at the end large enough to fit a few fingers through.

You can sew right over the pins, just be careful!

Homemade Placemats Step 6
Homemade Placemats Step 7
6. Using the opening, turn the fabric inside out.

This is the same method for making a pillow. But we won’t be stuffing these. If you wanted these stiffer, you could put a piece of cardboard inside before stitching one end.

Homemade Placemats Step 8
7. Fold the edges of the opening inside and pin so they are secure and even

Now that we’re done turning it, we can close up this small opening.

Iron & Finish

Homemade Placemats Step 9
8. Iron flat

You can iron right over the pins.

Homemade Placemats Step 10
Homemade Placemats Step 11
9. Tops titch as close to the edge as possible, all the way around

Homemade Placemats Step 12
Homemade Placemats Step 13
10. Stitch about 1/2″ from the fabric edge (or at the edge of the inside seam), all the way around

Homemade Placemats Step 14
11. Set the table with your new homemade placemats!

An alternative to the “pillow method” is to put the wrong sides together from the beginning, fold all the edges inside, iron, then do all your stitching. This involves more pressing and less sewing. Just do whichever works best for you.

These homemade placemats require little sewing knowledge and can be done with any sewing machine. You can make them out of most fabric, so just get what’s on sale. Depending on fabric, you should be able to throw these homemade placemats right into the washing machine.


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  1. This is an easy way to do a placemat! Thanks for the DIY! I’ll tell you a secret, go to your local fabric store and ask for the odd left overs, they are extremely marked down, you might be lucky to find enought fabric to make 2 mats or combine 2 different patterns. Then you have a double sided placemat!

  2. I made one out of 2ply quilted toiletpaper and clear packing tape for under a dollar. Mine can also be used for doodling and pens actually work great because the toilet paper makes it soft and cushy, then the ink can be wiped away clean afterward lol.

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