How Much is Convenience Worth to You?

How Much is Convenience Worth to You?


I wanted to have soup for lunch today, so I drove out to Target and picked up a 10.5oz can of their condensed chicken noodle soup for $0.59. Not the healthiest, I know, but I just wanted something light.

Before leaving the aisle, I noticed that they had Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup in a ready-to-eat microwaveable container. I already had a mug at work that I planned to prepare my soup in, but I took a look at the price just out of curiosity. The 15.4oz microwaveable soup was $1.47!

Just above that was Campbell’s Soup at Hand which now offers Chicken Noodle Soup as well. The price for that 10.5oz container was $1.57!

A whole dollar more for a container that you’re just going to throw away.

I suggest sticking to a BYOB policy. Bring Your Own Bowl. Just stash a bowl (or cup or container) in your desk at work for those days you don’t have time to get a lunch together. Grab a can of soup before leaving the house, or pick one up on your lunch break, and you have an easy lunch.


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  1. I’d say at least 30% of our money spent is on things that are “more convenient.” But I agree with you, especially when it comes to soup. Save some trash that would fill up the landfills by using a reusable bowl or container! :)

  2. This is a big-time consideration in almost everything I buy. My wife was a huge component of why we always purchased for convenience (I am the planner, she’s more spontaneous), but after six years together, we finally have it under control. I absolutely hate having to pay more for something just because it’s easier or faster.

    Sometimes, there’s simply no choice…and I’m fine with that. But when we can help it, we plan ahead–in this case it’s just soup, but we’ve saved much more on big-ticket items utilizing the same policy.

    P.S. Happy to have discovered your blog! Thanks for the Follow Friday.

  3. mmm i love all your recipes, they look so delicious and easy to make.
    The chicken soup in a microwavable bowl, I don’t know why, but it just looks a bit too “plasticky” to me to be putting in a microwave. Don’t you think? (ackk can you say.. cancer?)
    The BYOB is a good idea, or maybe at work, people could donate some bowls, cutlery, and cups for shared use.

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