Leslie’s Goals for Twenty-Ten!

Leslie’s Goals for Twenty-Ten!


As I sit down to write this, I realized that I haven’t sorted out any goals since college. And in college, my only goal was to graduate. For four years, that was my only focus. I didn’t have much of a plan after that, which is pretty clear. But with some light in sight, here’s of list of goals (which should be achievable) in the coming year:

Financial Goals

  • Pay off my car
  • Focus on reducing Student Loan
  • Focus on emergency fund
  • Start a travel fund

Personal Goals

  • Be out of high-interest debt
  • Take a real vacation to somewhere new
  • Increase skills in one hobby
  • Have a stable side-project
  • Build and maintain a new close friendship
  • Continue living life to the fullest

Wish me luck!


5 Replies to “Leslie’s Goals for Twenty-Ten!”

  1. I put “focus” on the student loan because I plan to re-assess my finances after I have the credit card paid off. If all goes well, the card will be paid off in the fall. At that time, I will have to look at how much I can put toward payments and what time-frame would work best for me to pay off the loan. I will make a more quantified goal for the student loan in 2011, when that is my only debt.

  2. It is! That is why I broke-down the “high-interest debt” into two separate financial goals; Car & credit. I lumped them together as one personal goal because achieving this will positively affect my entire life (not just my bank account).

  3. These are awesome goals! Did you break them down into incremental goals? Smaller quarterly amounts might make it easier to keep focused and will make you feel more accomplished as you reach them…

    This is such great inspiration to set my own goals! Thanks for posting it :)

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