Weekend: December 4-6, 2009

Weekend: December 4-6, 2009


Every weekend, I will detail my activities and expenses to provide an example of how to implement a frugal mindset while still having a fun and active life.


After work, I had leftover spicy chicken and rice for dinner then watched more of that Everest show on Netflix. A friend last-minute invited me out to a local bar to see a band play. I debated going because I wasn’t too keen on spending $8 to see a band plus drinks but I decided that I would just have a beer beforehand and suck up the cover to hang out with some friends.

Well, I am definitely glad I went because we just hung out in the bar (cover-free) instead of paying to see a band. For drinks, my friend came back from the bar carrying two cokes and then proceeded to “mod” them under the table with supplies she brought in her purse. I had no objection! Someone else bought a pitcher of beer, so I had a glass of that. The night was a lot of fun! I met new people, stayed there until the bar closed at 2a and had a great time.

Friday Total Cost: $3


Saturday was a planned nyc day! I also budgeted this day into my “entertainment” category. The day entailed the following: Participating in a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Natural History, seeing my friend’s band play, then going to another friend’s holiday party. Very very busy! The scavenger hunt was $40 including museum admission. That was really really fun! We were exhausted and quite hungry after, so we went to a nearby pub ($13). Then we took a subway to Rockefeller Center where I treated myself to $11 of Godiva (it’s my yearly treat!).

We took another subway to Bryant Park and just walked around. Then a friend covered a cab ride to the band venue. I got in for free because I was considered a “guest” of the band. I didn’t buy anything to drink there. Then we took yet another subway up to my friend’s apartment. I met new people, had some drinks and just had a great time overall. After one more subway ride and a path ride, we were back in the car heading home. All total it was $10 worth of subway fares. I knew that today was going to be expensive and planned my December accordingly so I’m not too concerned about the spending here.

Saturday Total Cost: $74


Oh my goodness I was exhausted from all the walking on Saturday! So on Sunday I lounged around the house until 5p then went over to my boyfriend’s house for the evening. We did take-out for dinner (my share was $5) and just relaxed for the rest of the night. Great way to end such a busy weekend.

Sunday Total Cost: $5

Total Weekend Cost: $82


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  1. Although you spent quite a bit on Saturday, it looks like you really paid for quality. You had a ton of fun and I bet it was money well spent.

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