Weekend: Thanksgiving Break

Weekend: Thanksgiving Break


Every weekend, I will detail my activities and expenses to provide an example of how to implement a frugal mindset while still having a fun and active life.

Since this was a long weekend, I’ll start by detailing Wednesday night (the 25th) through Sunday (the 29th).


I left work around 3p then went home, snacked on some vegetables and spent the rest of the afternoon beating Ratchet and Clank!

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner then met up with a friend at a local bar to chat and listen to a cover band. She bought a round of shots and I bought myself a White Russian ($6 including tip). I lounged around some more at home after the bar then fell asleep.

Wednesday Total Cost: $6


I slept in Thanksgiving morning and casually made myself some seasoned diced potatoes for breakfast. I watched the parade on tv, then went for a run in the early afternoon. It was pleasantly quiet and was a perfect temperature for running.

I spent the afternoon making cornbread stuffing then went over to a friend’s house to eat dinner with their family.

Thursday night I watched Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and played some more video games until bedtime.

Thursday Total Cost: $0


I went for a run Friday morning then came home and made pancakes. I spent the rest of the day lounging around. I played some Little Big Planet with a friend and baked some cookies.

Friday night, I met up with some friends at their house and hung out there for the rest of the night. I brought a 2 six-packs of Yeungling ($12.18) and the cookies. The host ordered pizza for dinner. Then we played some Magic and just chatted for the rest of the night.

Friday Total Cost: $12.18


Laziness overcame me on Saturday and I didn’t run. I worked on creating a Little Big Planet level, did some laundry, made some phone calls, and just general lounging stuff.

My Friday run was pretty darn chilly, so I started browsing around the LL Bean website and purchased myself some ear warmers ($20). This is a relatively necessary purchase, plus LL Bean has an excellent return policy.

I also started playing the first Uncharted and didn’t like it at all. So after a few hours I just gave up.

My boyfriend came over Saturday night. We went out to dinner at Stuff Yer Face, where I ordered a baby original boli and a salad ($6.50). Instead of ordering a $4 beer at the restaurant, we decided to pick up a six-pack on the way home. He covered dinner and I bought the beer. As a treat, I picked up some Blue Moon ($9.62).

After dinner, I invited a friend over and we watched Labryinth on the Roku then just visited until bedtime.

Saturday Total Cost: $29.62


By Sunday, I’m not going to lie, I was bored. I had done the laundry, cleaned the house, baked everything, I just didn’t have much else to do. So I worked even more on my Little Big Planet level, then started a new game in Demon’s Souls.

Sunday night, my boyfriend, myself and a friend went out for sushi. Since Sushi is expensive, it definitely is a treat for me. Also, I owed my friend a dinner since he covered me last time we went out. So I put in $20 for the whole meal. Again, this is very rare and the food was delicious, so I consider it money well spent.

Total Sunday Cost: $20

Now, before you start thinking that all I do with my time is play video games, not to worry, the PS3 is being returned to its original owner Monday night. Honestly, if I owned the thing, I wouldn’t have been playing it nearly as much. But knowing that I only had it for a limited amount of time, made me want to put more of my free time into it. Once it is gone, I plan on just going back to movie watching and sewing. I’m not worried about missing it.

In general, I spent too much on alcohol this weekend – but at least the six pack I have in the fridge will last for another weekend or two. Also, I could have waited on the ear muffs, but I guess I figured they would also provide running motivation, since I’d have one less excuse not to do it.

Total Four-Day Weekend Cost: $67.80


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  1. I was just in the LL Bean store and almost bought ther $20 earmuffs for my girlfriend, but we decided to wait and find them online for cheaper. It looks like there are about $10-$15 online, so it’s a little savings, and hopefully she can wait the extra week.

    I brought my xbox 360 back to my apartment this weekend, excited to play a little with my roommates. In the middle of the second game of Madden, it decided to break. The ring of death. Luckily, the warranty (for exactly and only this specific error) was extended for two additional years. Which means I have until December 16th to get it fixed. They’re already shipped a replacement part to me.

    1. The ear wrap is great, it came in the mail last night and I love it already! I don’t mind paying a little bit extra for LL Bean’s quality and guarantee. I used RetailMeNot.com to get free shipping on the purchase as well.

      I can’t believe the Xbox 360 RROD’d the weekend you borrowed it! I think that’s a sign, Daniel!

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