Just ask!

Just ask!


It’s your money. Yours! Don’t you care where it goes?

Customer service representatives (regardless of their bad reputation) really are there to serve you! You are paying for them already. Have you ever been charged for something you didn’t ask for? Ever have a late fee? Or an overcharge? Did you know you can just ask to have them refunded? It’s easy!

When I switched to AT&T, I took a look at my first statement and saw a $2.99 charge for “Roadside Assistance”. Since I already have AAA, I decided this was an unnecessary charge (albeit a small one). I called AT&T and said that I was not interested in their Roadside Assistance service. The customer rep then disenrolled me from the program (all customers are automatically signed up) and that was it. The following month, the charge was not there. It really was that easy!

Another example, is that I was going on vacation and made sure that I had my bills all paid before I left. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I received my Discover statement, that I realized I had a late fee! This was the first time I ever had a late payment in my numerous years as a Discover customer. So I called up their customer service and explained the situation. They retracted the late fee without a problem.

The same goes for overdraft fees; If it is the first time it has ever happened, feel free to ask to have the fee dropped. Now, I’m not recommending you do this every single time you have a late payment as that will not work. But if you made an honest mistake, the reps will work with you.

Other than fees, you can also call your credit card company and request your interest rate to be lowered. I know this is hit or miss depending on the company. However, I have had very good luck with Discover. I didn’t even have to ask for a special person, I just asked the first customer representative I spoke with if they could decrease my interest rate as I am a long-time customer and they did!

I don’t have any trick to asking for something I want and getting it. But here is a tip that will help. Instead of calling the customer rep number they provide on the bill, check out Get Human. This website is amazing! Just type in the name of a company and the site will give you the best phone number to call and how to bypass their automated system! This means no longer typing in your number and account information and waiting on hold for 30 minutes. When I use Get Human, I usually have a wait-time of <5 minutes depending on who I'm calling. This website is a huge time-saver and, if nothing else, makes you feel like you're in control. And that is what you have to realize, with any company, you are in control! This company needs you and knows that they could lose your business at any time. I do realize that some companies don't care if you threaten to leave, but most do! The tips I've mentioned above should take no more than 5 minutes and are relatively painless though extremely helpful! You don't need to be a pro at dealing with customer service to do them. You just need to remember that some charges aren't set-in-stone so it's up to you to take control of where your money goes. p.s. I suggest not having late fees or overdrafts in the first place, but I understand these things happen.


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  1. You’re right about just asking. One of the tricks I have is to be as complementary of them as possible, AND suggest filling out a positive survey for them.

    It helps get what I want 99% of the time! It’s the same strategy with picking up women. :P

  2. Most people want to help you. Unless you are asking for something very unreasonable, they are likely willing to help you. Another thing to remember is that if you call up and they won’t help you, don’t be afraid to call back. Maybe you’ll have more luck with a different customer service representative!

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