Things I Don’t Do: Shop Clearance Racks

Things I Don’t Do: Shop Clearance Racks


The Appeal

Deals! Everyone loves a deal! You may not even really like the shirt but figure, “for 70% off, why not?” Unfortunately, this adds lots of clutter to your closet, takes up quite a bit of time, and leaves you feeling unsatisfied with your wardrobe selection.

Why Leslie Doesn’t Do It

I don’t have the time or patience to sort through unorganized clearance racks that are overfilled with either cute-clothes-not-in-my-size, or ugly-clothes-in-my-size. I wear a pretty popular size that is never available when clearance season comes around. Every time I would attempt to comb through a clearance rack, I’d just leave very disappointed and frustrated. Finally, I simply gave up on the racks altogether.

The Alternative

The alternative for me, is to spend more time looking for an article of clothing that I love! One that really fits me, looks good on me, and is attractive in general. The more clothes I have in my closet that I truly love, the less clothes I will feel the need to buy.

When a closet is stuffed with clothes that are just-okay (but were a great deal!), this tends to clutter your closet and makes you just want to buy more clothes because you’re not completely satisfied with the ones you currently own.

If you are lucky enough to find shirts that you love on the clearance racks, that’s awesome. But for the rest of us, don’t be fooled by the discount. When you’re wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit right, that 75% off discount doesn’t save it from being a wasteful purchase.


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  1. I’d love to hear more about how you plan your wardrobe; between this and the closet post, it’s clear that you’re very organized and thoughtful.

    Living in Seattle, I’ve had good luck with a resale chain called Crossroads; I often find things that fit me well at prices well below retail. Still, I’m going through a phase where I’ve been buying too many total items, not doing enough laundry, and living with a process that’s not nearly as streamlined as it should be.

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