Ditch the routine and make things special again

Ditch the routine and make things special again


I created this blog to provide examples of how a frugal lifestyle, can also be a fun one. The way I do this is by considering my “fun” stuff as a treat for me!

Spend Less, Spend Better

I don’t make many purchases during the week. The only money I’ll spend is for bills that are due. I don’t eat out for lunch or dinner and I don’t go shopping after work. Sound boring?

Well, by not spending $50/week on lunches, I can instead spend that money on something really fun over the weekend! I can go out to eat Saturday night or go to a club and just relax. I don’t have to think about money for the entire night! (okay, within reason).

When being pampered becomes a chore

I used to get my nails done and eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks. It started out as something fun. I would stop after work or go with a friend. However, it quickly turned into an activity I had to squeeze into my schedule. Instead of relaxing and chatting while waiting for my nails to dry, I was sitting there impatient and stressed that I was going to be late (but at least I’d have pretty nails).

Earlier this year I quit my nail salon routine. It no longer was fun for me. Now, I maintain my nails and eyebrows myself. This is really easy and much much cheaper! Also, it is still enjoyable as I can just paint my nails while watching a movie. And now when I do go to the salon, it is a treat for me! It actually feels nice to be pampered and I can just relax.

From a money perspective, my diy nails still look just as good as before and now I can spend that money going out and showing them off!

Make sure you’re still having fun!

No one likes spending money on un-fun things, although that is the majority of our spending! Do yourself a favor and make sure your extraneous spending is fun and enjoyable! Once it becomes routine, it’s just another bill.


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