Grocery Shopping for One

Grocery Shopping for One


Who has time for weekly shopping trips?

I do one large grocery shopping trip and one small trip (milk, eggs, cheese, produce) in a month. My large shopping spree consists of ingredient-items and meat. I expect to spend about $100 on this trip. The smaller trip will cost around $20.

There are several reasons why this shopping technique works best for me and keeps my food spending in check:

Less People, Less Food

It’s just me. This means I go through food pretty slowly. One home-made dish will serve me at least 3 meals. For example, half a box of pasta and half a jar of marinara sauce is two meals (dinner and then lunch the next day). After a week, I’m not out of enough items to warrant a trip to the grocery store. Purchasing a large amount of food (but not in bulk) saves me time from making a lot of small purchases or having to throw food out because I could not eat it fast enough.

Use it or Lose it

Limiting my grocery shopping gives me incentive to use all of my groceries! Instead of running out to the store when I’m in the mood for a certain meal, I do the opposite. I take a look in my cupboard and the fridge, then I use All Recipe’s Ingredient Search to find meals that will accommodate the ingredients I have (and don’t have). This not only keeps me from wasting food, but also introduces me to new dishes!

The Simplest Reasoning

I really don’t like grocery shopping. So the fewer trips to the store, the better!


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  1. Right on, frugal sister! I make one trip a month, about $110. Then I’ll go again about mid-month for some more bread, milk and a few other little things. Like you, I mostly do it to avoid going grocery shopping every week. I cannot stand grocery shopping.

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