Weekend: October 9-11, 2009

Weekend: October 9-11, 2009


Every weekend, I will detail my activities and expenses to provide an example of how to implement a frugal mindset while still having a fun and active life.


After work, I met up with a friend at the Skylark Diner. This is a wonderful restaurant that has delicious food and a cool ambiance. I ordered a turkey/avocado wrap. The food was just-okay but the conversation was wonderful. In hindsight, I wish we went to a cheaper place but I still consider the $11 (after tip) to be well spent.

After dinner, some friends came over and watched the Yankees game (they won!) and we drank some beers that I had leftover from a (byob) party I had several weeks back. Later that evening, we decided to last minute go to Pacha in nyc (a dance club) because a well-known DJ was playing there. Unfortunately this late decision cost us. The cover was $10 before midnight and $20 after midnight. However, when we arrived there was a sign saying $40 cover! This is definitely over my entertainment budget for a single event! Luckily, some of us were already on the club’s mailing list (1) so we mentioned that to one of the ticket people and they said we only had to pay $30 cover. Granted, this is not ideal and if we hadn’t drove all the way to nyc, we wouldn’t have paid it. This is a perfect example of how poor planning (and information) can cost you!

We did drive into the city which isn’t too expensive when splitting the cost among four people. The Lincoln Tunnel costs $8 one-way then there are the NJ Turnpike tolls. The whole thing was about $20 (estimate), so $4 each. This (and we found free parking) makes the driving option cheaper than public transportation (and quicker) for a group of 3 or more.

I was the driver so I did not purchase any alcohol the entire night (the drinks are $14/each!). A friend bought me a bottle of water.

(1) Signing up for mailing lists and membership clubs for your favorite store, restaurant, or bar is a great way to save money. You’ll receive coupons, discounts or even free stuff in the mail! Remember, only sign up for them if they’re free.

Friday Total Cost: $45


My fall Saturday’s have consisted of lounging around the living room in comfy clothes watching college football (Go Spartans!). This makes for a very cheap Saturday. I can do house tidying up while the game is on and cook breakfast and lunch at home.

We always expect a nyc night to be a late one (and big one) so since I expended most of my energy on Friday night, I did not make any plans to go out on Saturday. I worked on some website stuff, played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, watched the new episode of Bones on hulu and watched my current Netflix movie, Rounders. Just a lazy night in. I made my own dinner and had home-made microwave popcorn as a snack.

Saturday Total Cost: $0


I woke up early on Sunday, made a small cooked breakfast for myself then went to the store to do a large grocery shop.

Later that afternoon I went apple picking with a friend. We bought $8 worth of apples that we split, then I picked up some honey (made by the orchard) for $3.50. I plan to make a couple pies and an apple crisp later in the week.

After the orchard, I made some sloppy joes at home, then just lounged around the house the rest of the evening (reading, writing, browsing the web, etc.)

Sunday Total Cost: $7.50 (for the entertainment only, this does not include the groceries)

Total Weekend Cost: $52.50


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